Exploring Eastern Newfoundland, one hike at a time

Newfoundland and Labrador is a province made for outdoor adventure. In a place with miles of stunning coastline, a variety of wildlife on display, and plenty of well-maintained trails suitable for all abilities, why wouldn’t you want to get out and explore? With so much to see, you might have trouble deciding where to start. That’s why we’ve created this list of four must-do hikes in Eastern Newfoundland, so lace up your boots and get ready to hit the trails!

1. The Skerwink Trail - Bonavista Peninsula 

Walk along cliffs and beaches on the Skerwink Trail Photo credit: Sara Monika Photography

This 5.3 km loop will guide you along the coast of Skerwink Head, a rocky peninsula separating Trinity’s harbour from Port Rexton’s. It’s no wonder this trail is a favourite with locals and tourists alike: hikers are treated to stunning coastal views (complete with sea stacks and caves), tranquil beach scenes, and bird’s-eye perspectives on the colourful surrounding communities.

Make a day of it:

• After your hike, reward yourself with a visit to Port Rexton Brewery
• Refuel with a meal of locally-foraged delights at the Boreal Diner
• Plan another hike on one of the area’s many developed trails
• Explore The Discovery UNESCO Global GeoPark

2. Lamanche Village Path – Avalon Peninsula 

Explore what’s left of Lamanche Village on this picturesque section of the world-famous East Coast Trail Photo credit: Dennis Flynn

If you’re looking for wilderness and history all wrapped into one, be sure to check out the Lamanche Village Path. This section of the East Coast Trail will lead you past icebergs, whales, and the islands of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve as you make your way to the abandoned settlement of Lamanche. Other highlights include a 50-meter suspension bridge and freshwater swimming in Lamanche Provincial Park.

Make a day of it:
• Enjoy a scoff next to the ocean with a Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic
• Continue your drive down the coast before stopping to recharge at the Edge of the Avalon Inn
• Plan the next day’s adventure – you won’t want to miss Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage site


3. Chamber Cove Heritage Walk – Burin Peninsula

Discover the site of one of the worst disasters in U.S. naval history. 

Not up to a lengthy hike? Make your way to Saint Lawrence, where you’ll find a short walk rich with history. Chamber Cove is the site of the Truxton and Pollux disaster – one of the worst naval disasters in U.S. history. While many lives were lost, the disaster also shone light on the caring spirit of the local people, who came together to rescue and care for almost 200 survivors. This 20-minute walk ends with a view over the rocks where the two ships ran aground. Standing high above the ocean, you’ll marvel at the strength of those survivors who managed to climb to safety.

Make a day of it:

• Learn more about the Truxton and Pollux disaster at the Miner’s Museum, and visit the monument outside the Saint Lawrence town hall
• Enjoy a mouthwatering meal at Smuggler's Cove Roadhouse and Grill
• Rest your head at Hotel Fortune

4. Explore the path less traveled – Saint Pierre & Miquelon 

Find yourself surrounded by nature on the island of Miquelon

From the town of Fortune, you can board a 90-minute ferry to France! The islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon offer a huge variety of trails for all abilities, so pack your hiking boots. Wildlife buffs will want to check out the Cape Miquelon trail, where flora and fauna thrive among breathtaking island scenery. No time to get to Miquelon? Be sure to take a walk along any of the trails snaking up the hill behind the town of Saint-Pierre – the steep climb is well worth the view!

Make a day of it:
Book a guided eco-walk to get the most out of your hiking experience
• Indulge in a late dinner à la française
• Relax in the comfort of a modern hotel in the heart of Saint-Pierre or a charming inn in the village of Miquelon.

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