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Newfoundland and Labrador has a reputation for being friendly. Warm and welcoming, fun loving and funny to the core, the people here are also known for their natural creativity, unique language, and knack for storytelling. Perhaps that's why Maclean’s magazine thinks Newfoundland and Labrador has one of the Top 10 Friendliest Cultures in the World!

Living out on the edge of North America, our population spent many years isolated from much of the world. We took the heritage of our English, Irish, French, and Indigenous ancestors and created a culture that’s one of a kind. And you can see that expressed not only in the people, but in the rich, colourful environment we created around us. In our architecture, in our crafts, in the names of our towns, and even in the way we built our roads – it’s all a bit off-kilter.

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Discover our Language

Whether describing our connection to the land, our character, our storytelling abilities or our sense of humour, one element shines through – the way we speak.

There are more varieties of English spoken in Newfoundland and Labrador than anywhere else in the world. Dating back four centuries, the accents are rooted in western England and southern Ireland. There are also French and Indigenous influences that have helped shape our colourful language. And since we're off the beaten path, the multitude of dialects and traditions that have long since evolved in other countries remain preserved right here.

It's more than just accents; you won’t be surprised to find we have our very own dictionary and encyclopaedia. The Dictionary of Newfoundland English was first published in 1982 and contains hundreds of words and phrases you'll find nowhere else.

Videos far, far off the beaten path

Explore our Cultural Activities

There’s never a shortage of something to do around here. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians love to have a good time, even if it’s just a crowd playing music in the kitchen.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t join in. Live music of every kind is just around the corner, particularly along George Street in St. John’s, and at bars and festivals across the province.

The theatre scene is vibrant, with more than a dozen troupes performing everything from smaller community shows to full-scale musical extravaganzas.

Experience our Food

With local restaurants and chefs winning national and international awards, it’s clear that food culture in Newfoundland and Labrador has never been more delicious. World-class, local chefs have opened new and exciting dining spots, featuring top-notch homegrown ingredients. Then there are the “CFAs” (Come-From-Aways), bringing their own culinary traditions and flavours. While St. John’s is the hotspot, there are celebrated restaurants across the province as well as regular food and music festivals.

Meet our Colourful Characters

Newfoundland and Labrador is home to some of the country's finest artists and performers. In fact, St. John's has one of the highest concentrations of writers, musicians, actors, and comedians in the country – although we have been known to loan them out to the rest of Canada.

Take indie-rock band Hey Rosetta!. Known for their energized live shows, the band incorporates piano, violin, and cello into the traditional four-piece rock setup, creating a unique sound. When it comes to comedy, Gemini award winner Rick Mercer knows how to get a laugh or two. Comedian Shaun Majumder has created an annual festival – The Gathering – in his hometown of Burlington 

Writers Lisa Moore, Wayne Johnston, and Michael Crummey continue our storytelling tradition as critically acclaimed authors. Mary and Christopher Pratt are two of the province's internationally recognized visual artists, and E.J. Pratt, one of the foremost Canadian poets of the early 20th century, also called this place home.