Our Favourite Photos of 2022

With open arms, we welcomed travelers back and celebrated being together again in 2022. This past year was both a Come Home year for those who had been away, as well as a calling for many who longed to visit for the first time. From the people explored every inch of our fair province, from the little nooks and crannies to the shoals, coves, bays and harbours, we gathered our top pics from the thousands, no doubt, millions of photos taken. Here is our curated list, enjoy!

Beautiful Battery

It wouldn’t be a proper yearly round-up without showcasing this incredible view of The Battery. A neighborhood aptly named as it will no doubt recharge yours.

New Neighbors

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, you don’t always have to adventure out to look for icebergs. Sometimes you’ll catch one on your morning stroll. And it just might be as tall as a skyscraper.

Quite the Commute

Believe it or not, this is not a scene from a Hallmark movie. This quaint little town is one of the many hidden gems of our province, and local photographer Tom Cochrane captured it best.

West Coast Wonders

If you’re looking to add a new trail to your hiking bucket list, the Man in the Mountain Trail in Corner Brook is definitely one to consider. We love this shot from Kurtis Walsh of a great lookout point along his journey.

Starlight Star Bright

We might be biased, but there’s no better place for stargazing than right here in NL. If you happen to end up in the beautiful area of Bottle Cove, you might be lucky enough to witness a night just like our friend Anthony Urso did here.

Out of the Fog

Talk about living on the edge. Gord Follett was able to grab this shot on a beautiful calm morning in Burin, and with that reflection on the water we get double the amount of beauty!

Mi Amour

If your adventure takes you to a place like the Point Amour Lighthouse, you’ll find yourself with an amazing coastal view of the ocean, all while breathing in the fresh sea air. What a way to spend a day.

A Place of Spirits

A visit to the Torngat Mountains National Park is a visit to a place of spirits, which may just lift yours. This particular shot left us in awe.

Award Winner

Did you know, Brad James placed 2nd in the Best Portrait category in Bird Photography of the Year, a leading photography contest? Did you also know that Puffins mate for life?

Whale Tale

Kara O’Keefe snapped this picture perfect moment in Trinity Bay of a particular whale putting on their best performance. Stunning!

Iced Coffee Anyone?

From here, the view is pretty great no matter where you are. But especially in Great Brehat on a lovely serene morning during iceberg season.


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