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Recent years have witnessed an explosion of food culture in Newfoundland and Labrador. Long known for seafood, wild game, and delicious traditional meals, the province has garnered a new reputation for mouth-watering culinary experiences by world-class chefs.

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Dressed up or straight off a tour boat, there’s always somewhere to enjoy a delicious meal. George Street in St. John’s may boast the most bars per capita, but downtown has almost as many restaurants, with delightful aromas inviting you to come on in. Dine in style at Chinched — specializing in house-made charcuterie items — and enjoy their selection of fine pates, sausages, terrines, and dry-cured goods. Or stroll down historical Water Street and discover The Merchant Tavern, an upscale restaurant in an old bank building which is perfect for those looking to appreciate fine fare and spirits. For casual fine dining in a warm and intimate setting, visit Oliver’s — renowned for its fresh, local ingredients, spectacular wine list, and attention to detail.

Fancy something a little more low-key? Visit the Duke of Duckworth or Bannerman Brewing and try a local brew with your meal. Otherwise, head to Ches’s and bite into their iconic fish and chips — they’ve been a household name since 1951.

If you’d like to get out of the city without having to go too far, head on over to Chafe’s Landing in picturesque Petty Harbour for delicious fresh seafood (and the family’s secret batter recipe).

Outside the capital, your options are endless. On the Bonavista Peninsula, try the Two Whales Coffee Shop or the Bonavista Social Club. Otherwise, head to Fogo and hotel guests can dine at the Fogo Island Inn, an architectural wonder built at one of the four corners of the Earth.

A trip to Labrador isn’t complete without a meal at the Florian Hotel. Scrumptious eats come with a side of panoramic ocean views at the Florian Dining Room — so be sure to keep an eye out for icebergs and whales. For a more exclusive experience, head to their private gazebo. And if you’re feeling adventurous, take a guided salmon fishing excursion to catch your own supper. Bragging rights never tasted so good.

Hungry but not in the mood to dine out? Stop by one of our Farmer’s Markets and get acquainted with the best from local farmers, food artisans, and craftspeople. Make your own culinary masterpiece with fresh, locally grown produce, or grab a quick bite of ready-to-eat fare. Endless new flavours and specialty foods await.


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In Newfoundland and Labrador, food is an experience best served beyond the dinner table. Picnic by a lighthouse, while watching for whales. Or feast like a Viking with dinner and a show. For seasoned foodies, we offer multi-day culinary tours around the province.

If you’re ready to get down and dirty, throw off your apron and roll up your sleeves at one of our guided foraging and wilderness experiences. And when it’s time for a break, don’t miss the boil-up, a quintessential tradition of enjoying freshly brewed beverages, prepared on an open campfire.

Around here, we take “fresh, never frozen” to the extreme. Savour a sea-to-table adventure. Dine on the beach, explore breathtaking coasts, and relish in a rural meal unlike any other. Or switch gears to something a little more personal; see how we got our reputation for hospitality at a kitchen or shed party. A homemade meal is only made tastier by an impromptu concert and new lifelong friendships.

Our chefs are constantly experimenting with new twists on tried and true classics. So, whether you’re looking for an authentic, traditional scoff, or something a little more unexpected, you can pick and choose your food experiences à la carte.

Keep an eye out for foodie festivals which promise hiking, music, and an abundance of great taste.

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Discover Fan Favourites

Ever taste water or beer made from 10,000-year-old icebergs? Quidi Vidi Brewing Company harvests icebergs and brews crisp, clean lager. For something stronger, there's Iceberg Vodka, Rum, and Gin; each handcrafted in small batches in Newfoundland with pure water from actual icebergs.

Those with a sweet tooth will love homemade Dark Tickle Jams – picked by hand and packed with flavours like partridgeberry and bakeapple. For something a little more decadent, indulge in the rich chocolates of the artisanal Newfoundland Chocolate Company.

For nearly 100 years, Purity Factories Limited in St. John's has produced popular cookies, candies, and flavoured syrups. The peppermint nobs and jam jams are always a hit.

Local patisserie, Rocket Bakery, is the spot to find gourmet delicacies, like feather-light, flaky croissants and ‘sinful’ cinnamon buns.

Five Brothers Artisan Cheese, Newfoundland Sea Salt, and sausage handcrafted by local chefs are all available.

In good spirits? Take your cocktail creations to the next level with craft spirits and bitters from the Newfoundland Distillery. Taste for yourself how their locally harvested ingredients hit all the right notes. For the perfect cider, the Newfoundland Cider Company has you covered. 100% fresh-pressed apple juice, locally grown fruit, and seasonal botanicals: cheers to that. Their evocative blends are available at select NLC stores and the Cidery and Tasting Room.

Sustainability is a mainstay in our food scene, and Adelaide Honey is no exception. They offer the highest quality raw honey through low-impact beekeeping. Try their Raw Fireweed or Wildflower Honey for a sweet, golden delight.

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