Why Fall is Our Favourite Time of Year on the Bonavista Peninsula

“Oh, buona vista,” were the words John Cabot spoke upon making landfall in North America in 1497. His words translated literally to “Oh, happy sight!” And after weeks at sea, you can be sure it was just that. Those words became the namesake of the town and the Peninsula it sits upon: Bonavista. Today it’s a place of unique food, craft beer, and relaxation as the communities of Trinity, Port Rexton, Port Union, Elliston, New Bonaventure, Upper Amherst Cove, and, of course, Bonavista continue to lure visitors with their quaint architecture and breathtaking coastline.

As summer starts to wane, and as bright reds, oranges, and yellows begin to show and a warm fall wind breaks across the sea, these communities become even more vibrant. The fall is a time when there is still plenty to do and see, and you can take advantage of even more breathing room. Here is a rundown of some of the experiences that await your next fall trip to the Bonavista Peninsula.

Hiking and Berry Picking

Sara Monika Photography courtesy of Artisan Inn 

The late summer season is the perfect time to pick ripe and delicious low-bush blueberries, and you can often find them along the numerous walking and hiking paths that the Peninsula has become known for. As the weather changes, hiking and walking take on a more relaxed endeavour, the cool breezes and coastal views provide a feast for the eye and the berries, likewise, for the appetite.

Wildlife and Boat Tours

See the coastline from a boat tour

As the seasons change, so does the coastline – and the colours from sea to sky look drastically different from the deck of a tour boat. The fall also entices a different type of visitor to the area, and they aren’t all people! Super pods of dolphins, sperm whales, and schools of bluefin tuna migrate past these shores. Many boat tour companies in the area continue to operate in the fall to explore wildlife and warm coastal colours.

Foodie Hotspots

Sara Monika Photography courtesy of Artisan Inn 

Highlighting fresh and local ingredients from across the province, local restaurants are at their best when the fall harvest brings in berries and other locally sourced crops from farm to table. For local chefs and restaurants, this adds an extra special dimension to their dishes.


Bonavista Lighthouse

Of the four lighthouses on the Peninsula, two can only be reached by Hike Discovery trails. The aptly named Lighthouse Trail leads to the King’s Cove Lighthouse and Murphy’s Cove Trail will bring you to the Green Island Lighthouse. The Bonavista Lighthouse is open seven days a week until early October. The Fort Point Lighthouse in Trinity is special, it may just be one of the last manned lighthouses. All four of these attractions can also be appreciated from the outside with their different architectural features.

Fall is truly a special time of year on the Bonavista Peninsula. Stocked full of charm, hospitality, and things you’ve never quite experienced before. If you’ve always wanted to check out this world-class destination radiating with the colours of fall, this just might be the time to do it.

Oh, happy sight, indeed.


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