Top Whale Imagery of 2023

With more than 29,000km of coastline, Newfoundland and Labrador is well known as a spectacular whale watching destination. From May well into September our mammal friends return to visit, and as with previous years, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite moments from the 2023 season below.

1. I Spy

Elizabeth Noftall captured the moment this humpback gave her some major side eye on a tour with O’Brien’s Whale and Bird Tours in July.

2. In Good Company

These killer whales got up close and personal with the crew at Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours towards the end of the season this year.

3. All in the Details

Some photos leave us speechless. This detailed shot from @francisrommedia, who was on a tour with Trinity Eco-Tours at the time, is certainly one of them.

4. Double the Fun

Our friends at Sea of Whales Adventures timed this shot perfectly to catch two of our favourite things in one photo – icebergs AND whales.

5. Making a Splash

Catching this much air while weighing up to 40 tons is what we call impressive. So is the fact that someone onboard with Gatherall's Boat Tours caught the whole ordeal on camera.

6. Barnacles

This guy popped up to make a quick appearance for Bruce Meldrum while on a tour with Discovery Sea Adventures.

7. Just Keep Swimming

Paul Dolk spotted this humpback pectoral slapping… AKA waving hello! How friendly.

8. A Quick Hello

You might say that Dark Tickle Expeditions had themselves a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Except here, this type of thing happens a little more frequently than that.

9. Quality Time

We can’t think of a better way to make memories than Megan Gibbons did on this fine day.

10. Making Waves

This duo was caught making some waves by the folks over at Twillingate Kayak Tours.


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