Central Region

Wonder Shore - Newtown Walking Trail

Newtown, New-Wes-Valley

May 15 - Oct 30

An easy, 6-km point to point trail of the "Venice of Newfoundland" that begins at the historical Barbour Heritage Site and takes you on meandering roads over several islands where you will see the essence of old, rural Newfoundland complete with period architecture and friendly locals. View shorebirds from Queen's Meade Bird Blind and spectacular views of the coastline where majestic icebergs pass by in Iceberg Alley. Newtown tugs at your heartstrings and once there you may not want to leave.

Locations & Dates

  • Newtown, Newtown, New-Wes-Valley
  • 49.2022, -53.5130
  • May 15 - Oct 30