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Battle Harbour is a restored, 19th-century fishing village on a small island in the Labrador Sea. Regarded by generations as the unofficial capital of Labrador, it was once the salt fish capital of the world.

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Battle Harbour is one of the only places on earth where distance from the modern world can be measured in both miles and years. Journey by boat to a place without power lines or cell towers, without cars or paved roads, you can walk footpaths worn by fishermen and merchants centuries ago. 

Sleep in one of the island's centuries-old houses that have been restored to their original state. This is one of the few National Historic Districts where you can spend the night. And without the barrage of modern distractions, you are able to find the time and space needed for spiritual connection and reawakening. 

In addition to its heritage, the rugged beauty of Battle Harbour offers an exotic backdrop for explorers. View dramatic ocean vistas, icebergs, and whales all within arm’s reach. Hiking the island reveals its Arctic vegetation and rock formations. In a place without street lights, the night is full of bright, gigantic stars occasionally joined by the northern lights. 

This small, isolated outport is truly a restorative and inspiring destination.

Getting to Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour is located on Battle Island, off Labrador’s southeast coast. Getting there involves arranging your schedule carefully to take the morning ferry from Mary’s Harbour, which departs once daily. The hour-long, open-boat ride across St. Lewis Inlet offers a great opportunity to glimpse seabirds, whales, and majestic icebergs.

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