Avalon Region

East Coast Trail - Cobblers Path

Logy Bay

Jan 1 - Dec 31

A moderate, 2- to 3-hour (one way), 5.0-km hike from Outer Cove to Logy Bay. Access points at Doran’s Lane and Cobblers Crescent (off Red Cliff Road). Cobbler Path was officially named and opened on June 6, 2010. Attractions on this popular trail include the views from Torbay Point and Red Cliff, the remains of a Second World War battery, and the ruins of a Cold War tracking station.

Locations & Dates

  • Cobbler Crescent, Logy Bay
  • 47.6344, -52.6694
  • Jan 1 - Dec 31


$25 Annual membership fee. Trails are free.

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