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East Coast Trail - Stiles Cove Path

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Jan 1 - Dec 31

Take on the 15.1 km, 5-7 hour Stiles Cove Path from Flatrock to Pouch Cove. This moderate hike takes you to the edge of the world, offering awe-inspiring coastal cliffs and serene natural beauty. Experience the thrill of standing atop rugged landscapes and savor the vast Atlantic vistas. The ECT is a registered charity organization, and the Trail is free to use. Donations and memberships help support the organization and continue maintenance of the ECT.

Locations & Dates

  • Flatrock - Pouch Cove, Flatrock
  • 47.7069, -52.7091
  • Jan 1 - Dec 31
  • Pouch Cove - Flatrock, Pouch Cove
  • 47.7623, -52.7622
  • Jan 1 - Dec 31


$25 Annual membership fee supporting trail maintenance. Trails are free to hike.

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