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Torngat Mountains National Park takes its name from the Inuktitut word Tongait, meaning place of spirits. It is 9,700 square kilometres of spectacular wilderness stretching north from Saglek Fjord to the northern tip of Labrador, and westward from the Atlantic seacoast to the Québec border. It's a land of mountains and polar bears, small glaciers, and caribou, where the Inuit hunt, fish, and travel, as their predecessors did for thousands of years.

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Explore Torngat Mountains National Park through an Inuit cultural lens. Join Inuit to experience spiritual and cultural sites and a harvesting trip as they gather food for the Base Camp. You can also take an overnight trip into spectacular fjords where their ancestors have camped and walked before. Listen to the ancient stories and legends of the area as you sip on hot tea and eat food prepared over an open fire. Packages can be full 7-day adventures featuring hiking and camping, or shorter 3- to 4-day versions. Various levels of comforts and amenities are also offered. Depending on the package, the visitor will experience guided excursions such as helicopter rides, boat tours, and cultural experiences.

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Because of its remote location, the park differs greatly from its more accessible cousins to the south. The journey requires careful planning, registration with park officials, and the right equipment. There are no roads, no campgrounds, and no signs telling you where to go or what to see. Parks Canada recommends that a visitor engage the services of a trained Inuit polar bear guard when hiking in the park. Parks Canada also provides interpretive programs, visitor reception, and orientation services, including safety briefings at the Torngat Mountains Base Camp.

The Torngat Mountains Base Camp, on Saglek Fjord outside the park is the main access to the park. It operates from mid-July to the end of August. For more information, please consult the Torngat Mountains National Park website, or email the park at torngats.info@pc.gc.ca.

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