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You can feel the rhythm of nature in Terra Nova National Park, the first to be established in Newfoundland and Labrador. Your sense of adventure travels for free, so bring it along for a journey across the rich boreal forest and ancient palatial fjords. Put on your hiking boots or paddle along the coastline to meet our diverse wildlife before settling down by the fire at your campground. As the sun sets and the starry sky reveals the universe above, you’ll see this place in a whole new light.

DiscoverHiking & Walking

Terra Nova National Park has 80 kilometres of trails, plus even more to experience in the surrounding communities. Explore the vast natural landscape and reach new heights to witness breathtaking views of the land and sea. Take a guided walk with the interpreters to taste edible plants, spot wildlife, and discover the secrets of the coastal boreal forest.

The Coastal Trail is the most popular path in the park. Follow the shoreline to the intertidal zone then meander through the forest and discover Pissamere Falls. Head up to the Canadian Wildlife Bird Sanctuary to spot bald eagles, ospreys, and many more.

The Ochre Hill hike brings you to a variety of habitats and viewscapes. Take in the breathtaking sights of Clode Sound and Bread Cove. Encounter beautiful orchids, carnivorous pitcher plants, and remnants of glacial erratics.

Terra Nova National Park Hiking & Walking Trail

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ExploreOur Park



Experience the wonders of the land and sea with Parks Canada interpreters and local tour operators. They’ll bring the Park to life with remarkable guided hikes, outdoor theatre shows, and citizen science expeditions.

Reward yourself with some shore leave on a boat tour or step into a kayak to paddle across the enchanting coastline.

Explore the wild side of our province to spot seabirds, whales, moose, pine martins, otters, beavers, bats — the list goes on.

Evenings in Terra Nova National Park are all about theatrical programs, games, and many other surprises. Join us underneath the stars at the Outdoor Theatre or gather around the Campfire Circle and sing along to some campfire favourites.



Life is a beach in the area that surrounds Terra Nova National Park. This region is famous for its several fresh and saltwater beaches, including Sandy Pond, Eastport Beach, and Sandy Cove. If you’re lucky, you might even see a squid rolling around the area.

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

The many small communities in this rural region are deeply in touch with their roots. Out here, you’ll find small craft and gift shops, artist studios, and The Beaches Arts and Heritage Centre in Eastport.



Terra Nova National Park beckons water enthusiasts to experience its numerous rivers, lakes, and ponds. Launch from Newman Sound and travel far on a multi–day trip or stay close to the shore and paddle along the sheltered coves and inlets in your own kayak, a rental, or a guided kayak.

Exploring the coastal inlets is also the perfect opportunity to do some birdwatching, where the migratory bird sanctuary is a temporary habitat for hundreds of species.

Visitor Centre

Credit: Jane Elizabeth Hynes

Visitor Centre

While travelling along the coastline of Newman Sound, you’ll find the hub of Terra Nova National Park. This is a place where the forest meets the ocean to provide countless activities and places to explore. The Visitor Centre also boasts many accessibility features to help provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Visit our marine exhibits and aquariums and get hands–on with a wide variety of fascinating ocean creatures at the touch tank.

Explore the park on guided and self–guided hiking tours or travel across the shimmering ocean on boat tours, kayaking excursions, and water taxis to remote campsites.

Pick up a bird checklist and explore the migratory sanctuary to spot birds you may have never seen before.

When all is said and done, stop by the gift shop and check out all of the amenities we offer, including laundry, showers, and a café.

Preserving the Dark Sky

Preserving the Dark Sky

In Terra Nova National Park, Mother Nature has an extra twinkle in her eye. Look way, way up and experience nature’s greatest light show, because Newfoundland and Labrador is a place free from not only air pollution, but also light pollution. After the sun sets along the horizon, you’ll be amazed by an otherworldly spectacle of stars.

The Park has always been the place to get lost in the starry sky, and now it’s official. Terra Nova is designated as a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The Park is committed to the protection of the nighttime environment and reducing energy consumption. Protecting the night sky is a benefit to both stargazers, as well as our wildlife.

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Nestled in an old–growth forest next to the Atlantic, Terra Nova National Park offers some of the best camping in the province. With two main campgrounds and seven backcountry locations, enjoy camping your way. Come tenting, bring an RV, or go glamping in one of Parks Canada’s famous oTENTiks. Each campground offers a unique way to experience our great outdoors.

Terra Nova National Park Campgrounds

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Getting Here

Terra Nova National Park is located in central Newfoundland along the Trans-Canada Highway Route 1, approximately 250 kilometres northwest of St. John's, 60 kilometres southeast of Gander and 170 kilometres from Argentia.

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