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Fogo Island & Change Islands are home to 12 communities, each with its own distinctive flair and allure. After your ferry ride, stroll among homes, stages, and stores (fishing sheds) unchanged for decades. Fogo has become a haven for artists from around the world, who come to work in incredible, inspiring modern studios. While on Change Islands, you’ll discover a distinct part of our cultural heritage – the noble Newfoundland Pony.

Experience Fogo Island

Brimstone Head, Fogo. A piece of rocky landscape jutting into the sky. The Flat Earth Society believes this is one of the four corners of the Earth, and standing at the top, facing the Atlantic, you can see why.

Fogo Island Inn, a sleek, Nordic-style hotel perched on stilts at the Atlantic Ocean’s edge is an inspiring collaboration between traditional and modern. The restaurant, one of EnRoute magazine’s best in Canada, brings that combination to your table, with a gourmet cuisine infused with the bounty of the island and the Inn’s gardens.

The town of Tilting was first settled by the Irish in the 18th century and is now a National Historic Site of Canada. Here, you can wander through the tall, lush grasses and run your fingers over the red paint of old fishing rooms. Creative traditions of music, dance, and storytelling run strong throughout the island, which is also home to the Fogo Island Partridgeberry Festival.

Walk the trails throughout the island and catch a glimpse of caribou herds grazing along the rolling hills.

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Explore Change Islands

Across the glistening waters of Notre Dame Bay stand the beautifully formed shores of Change Islands. Humpback whales migrate through these waters and icebergs drift along the currents down Iceberg Alley. As seabirds soar overhead, you can relax in the salty ocean breeze and look out over the sights on the ferry ride.

On Change Islands, meander around historic buildings, over granite outcroppings, and past the greenest grasses and gardens. Small community charm and rich fishing culture combine with a prominent sense of history to make this place a tourist and artist's paradise. It's also home to a Newfoundland pony refuge.

Getting to Fogo Island and Change Islands

Fogo Island is in central Newfoundland and can be reached by taking Route 330 north from Gander to the ferry service that runs from Farewell (via Route 331 and 335). The ferry sails visitors to Change Islands in 25 minutes, while the crossing from Farewell to Fogo Island is approximately 50 minutes. Please check the ferry schedule in advance, as weather can postpone sailings. EVAS Air Charters offers regular air service between Gander and Fogo Island.

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