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Some of the best spots for whale watching and bird spotting are at Bay Bulls and Witless Bay, only minutes’ drive from the capital city via the southern shore’s scenic and historic Irish Loop.

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The southern shore is teeming with more birds and whales than you could ever hope to count. Each spring and summer their migration takes them to nesting and feeding grounds just offshore. At the right time of year, you may also encounter icebergs as these natural wonders drift by on their journey south.

Bay Bulls and Witless Bay are home to tour operators ready to lead you out on the ocean – on well-equipped and comfortable boats, open Zodiacs, or in sea kayaks – to watch for whales gathering and feeding along the coast. 

The Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is an amazing spot to visit on your voyage. From May to August the four islands that make up the reserve teem with hundreds of thousands of birds, of many species. The largest Atlantic puffin colony in North America is here, with more than 250,000 nesting pairs. You’re practically guaranteed to see some of these lovable clowns of the sea during the season.

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Explore the Coastline

Both Bay Bulls and Witless Bay are stops on the East Coast Trail, a network of 500 kilometres of coastal hiking trails and mellow paths connecting more than 30 historic communities and fishing villages along the province’s coastline. Whales can often be observed from spots along the trail, as they jump and frolic in the waters below.

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Getting to Bay Bulls Witless Bay

The Irish Loop (Route 10) will take you along the southeast coast of the Avalon Peninsula to Bay Bulls and Witless Bay. It takes about 35 minutes to drive from St. John's.

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Birdwatching in Bay Bulls and Witless Bay

You don’t necessarily have to be a birder to think there’s something strangely calming about a sky full of chaos. Where throngs of feathered creatures block out the clouds as they jostle for position in the heavens above. Where every set of flapping wings seem equally committed to creative co-existence, all in the name of mutual survival. 
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