The Signal Hill Star: A Holiday Tradition

Photo above: JP Mullowney / ©Parks Canada
This holiday poem is brought to you in collaboration with our friends at Parks Canada.

The lighting of the Signal Hill star is a beloved local tradition that takes place every December on Cabot Tower at the Signal Hill National Historic Site to mark the beginning of the holiday season. The star lights up the hill at the same time as other prominent locations in the city, including the Confederation Building and the Parkway.  Signal Hill's first star appeared in the 70's, but it didn't last long (due to poor weather). A sturdier design came about in the 80's, and it has been a tradition ever since! In 2015, a local engineering student named Kevin LaFleur redesigned the star in a compass form. 


The Signal Hill Star

T’was the month of December and all through the town,

Like a great herd of reindeer, all were dashing around.


The malls and the streets and the shops were all hopping

People coming and going, doing their shopping.


Then atop Signal Hill, there came a bright light!

A symbol of hope shining all through the night.


Signal Hill is a place that most everyone knows

When there’s something to celebrate, it’s where everyone goes.


Friends new and old find themselves crossing paths,

Children wave with delight at ships going past.


In days gone by maids stood there and waited,

Upon Ladies’ Lookout, a perch elevated.


When Marconi heard that first trans-Atlantic sound,

A new connection was made, without touching the ground.


Moments in history dot the landscape

And majestic vistas give a sense of escape.


Upon Cabot Tower, a star is lit

To celebrate the strength of the human spirit.


It’s a special place truly, our Signal Hill

Shine on bright star, let’s give them a thrill!

Photo: JP Mullowney / © Parks Canada



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