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Around here, music is part of the natural and cultural landscape. You can find it practically everywhere you go - from kitchens and pubs to concert halls and festivals in every corner of the province. One moment you'll be clapping and stomping along to jigs and reels featuring fiddles, accordions, and bodhran drums, and the next you'll get swept away by old Irish love songs passed down from generation to generation. Our thriving music scene is also filled with a diverse range of new music, including reggae, world, jazz, blues, rock, classical, and pop.  

Newfoundland and Labrador is home to some of the country's finest artists and performers, so there is no shortage of playlist worthy tunes for your next road trip. Check out this compilation from our friends at MusicNL and let our musical heritage fill your heart as you breeze past picturesque shorelines and untamed wilderness on your next Newfoundland & Labrador road trip.  

ChessClub — Nothing (Has Been Enough) 


 Carolina East — Candy


LeRiche - River Runs


Dave Whitty - Going Home

Sherry Ryan - Stop The Trains

Kellie Loder - Beneath The Sea

Matthew Byrne - The River Driver

Rube & Rake

Fortunate Ones - Hold Fast


Anarchy Baby - Anarchy Baby

Mark Bragg - El Toreo

Ian Foster - Feels Like It Wants To Rain

Alan Doyle - Ready To Go

The Combine - Victory Road

The Once - All The Hours

Repartee - All Lit Up


Hey Rosetta - Carry Me Home



On any given day of the week, you’ll come across live music playing in one of our iconic bars or clubs - particularly down on George Street, and be sure to visit the Ship Pub, one of St. John’s most popular live music venues. In the summer months, multi-genre music festivals span the province from east to west. There are many to choose from including Gros Morne Summer Music, the Tuckamore Festival, Festival 500, Sound Symposium, Salmon Festival, and Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival.

What other songs would you add to the playlist? Let us know in the comments!


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