Experience Fall in Gros Morne

The question is not: will you go to Gros Morne Newfoundland? But rather, when will you go? To experience the park in all its glory you must plan your visit for the fall. Gros Morne National Park is undeniably a hikers paradise, but the area has so much more to offer than simply hiking. If you would like to experience the colours, wildlife and serenity that fall has to offer in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but don’t want to spend all (or any) of your time hiking, there are plenty of options for you.

Sit & Savour

Grab a coffee from the Old Store Cafe and take a seat on one of the benches overlooking Bonne Bay and the Tablelands, located at the Jennix House in Norris Point. Take a big deep breath of sweet salty air and soak up the genuine beauty of autumn that surrounds you. You may also be fortunate enough to witness fog as it creeps in on its tiny feet. Not like the misty all-encompassing fog, most think of the autumn fog in Gros Morne like a mythical creature, appearing in pockets and crevasses of the park, morphing and changing shape right before your eyes. It is something that has to be experienced to be believed.

Witness Wildlife

With the park quieting down from July and August, the wildlife begin to reclaim their territory. Choose one of the many park benches or red chairs in the area and while enjoying the serenity. You will most likely be treated to a visit by a hare, moose or maybe even a seal. Seals tend to put on a number of shows in the fall, splashing about and playing just offshore, or sunbathing on nearby rocks.

See the Seas

See the sea in Gros Morne - Tablelands

Experience the park from an entirely different perspective — the water. Soar through the majestic glacier carved valley of Trout River Pond in a Zodiac. Weaving between the towering Tablelands and magnificent North Arm Mountains is a very awe-inspiring experience at any time of year, but seeing it in the fall, with the vivacious colours accenting the landscape, is a bucket list moment you will never forget.

Sunset Sips

The sunsets in Gros Morne are among the most beautiful in the world. For a relaxing moment, sip on a cocktail as the sun goes down in Rocky Harbour. Photographers refer to the time it takes the sun to set as “the golden hour.” It’s a time where the colours of the trees become even more vibrant, almost shining with elegance as the sky is smeared with orange, pinks and reds. As the sun brushes its golden trail along the water, the tranquillity is sure to wash over you.

Autumn Art

Gros Morne in the fall. Photo by Michael Winsor

Art is weaved into the very fabric of what makes Gros Morne so spectacular. It is the passion that pulses through the hearts of so many that call this place home. Gros Morne is like a lighthouse beckoning artists to its inspiring shores. Planning your trip in the fall means that you get to experience the Gros Morne Fall Festival during the first weekend in October. Create your own artwork by attending one of the many workshops offered; painting, quilting, pottery making, kite building, moose hair tufting, basket weaving, fly tying, as well as a fiddle workshop. The weekend also includes dining and nightly entertainment showcasing the traditions of the province. Taking photos of your trip is great, but taking home a piece of artwork inspired by the place that captured your heart and touched your soul means you are bringing home much more than just a souvenir.

Whether you are an art lover, trail trotter, wildlife watcher or simply someone who enjoys taking deeps breaths of fresh clean air, Gros Morne National Park has an experience for you. Visit in the fall for the vibrant colours, curious wildlife, artistic adventures and ever-changing scenery. For each day the park puts on its own unique performances, created just for you.

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