South Coast Adventure

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South Coast Adventure

  • Start: Burgeo
  • Length: Up to 3 hours for ferry crossings.
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From Burgeo, travel via ferry to access special communities along the south coast.(Image Credit:

Route 480 takes you to Burgeo, where Sandbanks Provincial Park offers kilometres of sandy beaches and walking trails. From Burgeo, you can travel via ferry to access special communities along the south coast.

The ferry to the island of Ramea can accommodate a limited number of vehicles and operates several times a week. You can spend a full day exploring this traditional fishing community, or turn your adventure into a multi-day trip. Take a stroll along the Man-O-War Hill Trail, a scenic coastal walking trail that leads to the Northwest Head lighthouse and the community wind turbines.

From Burgeo you can also take the passenger-only ferry to the timeless community of Francois. The ferry ride itself is a full-day picturesque journey, and it’s not uncommon to see dolphins swimming alongside the bow of the boat or sunfish basking on the water’s surface. Francois is home to multiple fishing and climbing opportunities, as well as several hiking trails. Adventurous types should tackle The Friar hiking trail leading to the top of the hills for a spectacular view of the fjord.

Take the ferry east from Grey River to reach the timeless community of Francois.

This remote pocket of the island provides a peaceful respite from the outside world, and the wildlife knows this too—birdwatching and wildlife viewing opportunities are abundant. Please note that the ferry service can be delayed due to weather and unexpected local medical emergencies. Be sure to check ferry schedules before heading out and make necessary accommodation arrangements.

Road Trip Tips:

Please check exact directions and road conditions before you start each road trip. Visit for current road conditions and ferry updates.

This road trip includes a community(s) accessible by ferry. Please visit for routes and rates. Some ferries do permit vehicles, with a set limit for vehicle capacity; other ferries are passengers only (no vehicles accepted) so plan accordingly.

Distances are estimates and for guidance only. Routes can be taken as is, or in reverse order.

This is one road trip you'll never forget.

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