Fortune Bay Adventure

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Fortune Bay Adventure

  • Start: Bay L’Argent
  • Length: Ferry crossings from 75 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes
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Rencontre Vacation Homes is only accessible through the passenger ferry which connects Rencontre East with Bay L’Argent and Pool’s Cove.

From Bay L’Argent on Route 212, catch the ferry west to Rencontre East – a rural community only accessible by water – and then onwards to Pool’s Cove in the Coast of Bays. This ferry takes passengers only and no vehicles. This is essentially a full-day return trip that will give you a unique view of this remote corner of the province.

In Rencontre East, you have the option to stay overnight in a historic vacation home overlooking the water. From here, set out on a local-led tour to immerse yourself in rural living. Learn how to fish and then enjoy your catch at a beach boil-up, or take on a mountain hike. You’ll explore hidden waterfalls and the remains of resettled (abandoned) communities while soaking up the solitude of the coast. Rent a kayak and paddle around the fjords to secluded beaches and coastline.

Pool’s Cove is the last stop on this journey. Take in this quiet community with a walk around town before boarding the boat back to Bay L’Argent, or stay overnight to explore the area (keeping in mind that the boat is a passenger-only service). Pool’s Cove marks the entrance to the Bay du Nord River, a designated Canadian Heritage River, which flows through the rugged landscape of the Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve. Backcountry wilderness recreation includes canoeing, kayaking, angling, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and more.

Food options are limited on this route, so you may need to prepare ahead of time. Be sure to check ferry schedules for delays or cancellations.

Road Trip Tips:

Please check exact directions and road conditions before you start each road trip. Visit for current road conditions and ferry updates.

This road trip includes a community(s) accessible by ferry. Please visit for routes and rates. Some ferries do permit vehicles, with a set limit for vehicle capacity; other ferries are passengers only (no vehicles accepted) so plan accordingly.

Distances are estimates and for guidance only. Routes can be taken as is, or in reverse order.