South Coast Adventure

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South Coast Adventure

  • Start: Hermitage
  • Length: Ferry crossings from 20 to 90 minutes
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Take the passenger-only ferry to the coastal community of Gaultois.

Your South Coast Adventure starts in Hermitage on Route 364, where you can take the ferry - passengers only and no vehicles - to Gaultois and McCallum.

Spend some time in Gaultois, where there is no shortage of fresh seafood and warm hospitality, and hike the interior trail to the resettled community of Piccaire. At the local inn, ask about events or activities happening during your visit. McCallum, another small village only accessible by boat, has walking paths and is best explored as a day trip from Gaultois.

On the ferry ride to Francois, it’s not uncommon to see dolphins swimming alongside the bow of the boat.

From McCallum, there’s a ferry that runs weekly to Francois, a small fishing outport framed by the walls of a deep fjord. However, this route requires much preparation. You’ll have to spend a week in Francois before you can return to McCallum, and service can be delayed due to weather or medical emergency. Be sure to check ferry schedules before heading out and make necessary accommodation arrangements.

Road Trip Tips:

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This road trip includes a community(s) accessible by ferry. Please visit for routes and rates. Some ferries do permit vehicles, with a set limit for vehicle capacity; other ferries are passengers only (no vehicles accepted) so plan accordingly.

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This is one road trip you'll never forget.

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