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Unique Nature Adventures! Join certified Forest & Nature Therapy Guide, Tina White and experience a deeper nature experience. Offering guided Forest Bathing Walks, Foraging and Tasting, or Fairylore Walkabout (with beachside mug-up & storytelling). Tina is an avid hiker, nature lover, forager, Forest & Nature Therapy Guide and Fairyologist. Visit our website if you are looking to slow down and connect with nature on a deeper level, or learn about Fairylore or local foraging.

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Locations & Dates

  • Lower Beach, Tors Cove
  • 47.2149, -52.8419
  • May 15 - Oct 30
  • Pippy Park, St. John's
  • 47.5934, -52.7475
  • May 15 - Oct 30



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