Eastern Region

Discovery UNESCO Global Geopark - Port Union Fossil Site

Port Union, Trinity Bay North

Jan 1 - Dec 1

The rock surfaces here contain rare and exceptionally well preserved fossils from 635 to about 541 million years ago, a geological time known as the Ediacaran Period. Explore this geosite during low tide and find examples of Charniodiscus, Bradgatia, Aspidella, and Ivesheadiamorphs! While this attraction is suitable for all ages, the exploration of the rock surfaces will require appropriate footwear; wet rocks and seaweed can be very slippery. Avoid stepping on anything black or green in colour.

Locations & Dates

  • 67 Main Street, Port Union, Trinity Bay North
  • 48.4988, -53.0803
  • Jan 1 - Dec 1




  • Outdoor space