St. Lunaire

Indoor paintball, AirSoft, NERF and Gelly Ball. We have a total of 50,000 sq ft. of indoor space. Scenarios include Viking Invasion; Fantasy; as well as standard capture the flag etc. Full sound effects. For those needing to wait while others in their party play, we have a special guest lounge where you can relax, play Wi or air hockey (free). Later in the summer/Fall, we will also have a large camper trailer on site available to rent nightly. Can accommodate up to 10.

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Contact Information

Locations & Dates

  • 1 Loop Road, St. Lunaire
  • 51.5043, -55.4777
  • May 1 - Dec 31



  • NERF Use own equipment) is FREE with party booking ($60). Paintball/Airsoft range from $20 to $35. Gelly Ball $18
  • Payment Options
    • American Express
    • Email Money Transfer
    • Interac/Debit
    • MasterCard
    • PayPal
    • Visa


  • During COVID - max of 20 participants. Post Covid - 40 participants.
  • Food Services Onsite
  • Internet/WIFI
  • Seniors Rates