Western Region

Sisters' Dream School Museum

Mainland/La Grand'terre

Jul 1 - Sep 1

The Sisters’ Dream School Museum, built in 1910 by French fishermen, was saved from demise by the dedication of two sisters, Maggie Benoit and Johanna Cornect. The museum is constructed of two sections showcasing local heritage and bringing the Francophone community and its historic connections to Red Island to life. After visiting the museum, walk to the Mainland Cultural & Heritage Centre for a delicious meal at Tea By The Sea or for one-of-a-kind mementos at the craft shop. RV parking.

Locations & Dates

  • 270 Islandview Road, Mainland/La Grand'terre
  • 48.5668, -59.1783
  • Jul 1 - Sep 1


$2 - $3.

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  • Food Services Onsite
  • French Language
  • Internet/WIFI