K'Taqmkuk Mi'Kmaq Historical Museum

St. George's

Located in the former provincial courthouse, the museum takes you on a cultural journey highlighting the arrival of the Mi’kmaq people to K’Taqmkuk (Newfoundland). Language boards in English, French and Mi’kmag proudly tell the story of our ancestors. Sit around our birch bark wigwam and read about Mi’kmaq explorer Mattie Mitchell, or learn a word or two of Mi’kmaq. A display of baskets shows the beautiful work of local artisans. Youth will enjoy creating Aboriginal artwork.

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Locations & Dates

  • 183 Main Street, St. George's
  • 48.4280, -58.4815
  • Jun 28 - Aug 27



  • Adult $5, student $3, child (under 6) free. Group rates available.


  • Internet/WIFI