• If Pinware described its campsites as having hot and cold running water with food nearby, they really couldn’t be accused of lying. Measuring just 68 hectares and bordered by the Pinware River on one side and the Strait of Belle Isle on the other, it’s one of Labrador’s hidden gems, renowned for its trout and salmon fishing (running water, food nearby: get it?).

  • It’s shortly after 6 p.m. early in September. I’m walking on a 4.4 km (2.6 mi.) boardwalk along the coast in Rigolet, the oldest Inuit community in Labrador. This region is part of Nunatsiavut—“our beautiful land”—and is only accessible by ship or plane (dog sled and skidoos in the winter.)

  • Labrador Dream

    1 Mar 2011

    Life member Matt Stevens’ transformation from dejected and defeated to high-octane adrenaline-induced ecstasy was instantaneous. It happened on the third crank into his retrieve across the inlet to Three-Mile Lake. The lure stopped, the rod loaded on the set, and Matt knew that he’d finally…finally… hooked the type of fish he'd dreamed about countless times during the previous two months.