• “Five days of hiking the East Coast Trail transformed us into proselytizing zealots. Now we're the ones eagerly asking, ‘Have you hiked the East Coast Trail?’ hoping for an opportunity to tell all about it.” Forget the West Coast Trail, travel writers Craig and Kathy Copeland discover that when it comes to big Canadian hiking adventures, Newfoundland’s east coast is the place to go.

  • Mistaken mystique

    21 Nov 2010

    Mistaken Point is a remarkable place. A beautiful, rocky headland at the tip of the Avalon Peninsula bearing the fossilized remnants of ancient creatures more than half a billion years old. Etched onto two shelves of stone, these cryptic messages from the distant past were once primitive animals living at the bottom of the ocean. The volcanic ash that killed them, also preserved them

  • This Vancouver Sun article talks about a recently discovered cemetery in Cupids, NL, which is thought to be the oldest English burial ground in Canada. We also happen to have the oldest burial site in all of North America, located at L'Anse Amour, Labrador. It dates back 7,500 years — 3,000 years before the pyramids of Egypt.

  • Is the greatest pirate of all time from NL? Newfoundland and Labrador's infamous pirate, Peter Easton, who plundered foreign ships sailing the Atlantic Ocean in the early 17th century, may well be the most notorious pirate of all time. CTV's W5 went diving for evidence off the coast of Conception Bay, NL.

  • The November issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine rated the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador at the very top of 99 coastal tourism destinations in the world, beating out popular seaside travel spots in Wales, New Zealand, Hawaii, Italy, Australia and other provinces within Canada.

    The magazine said that Newfoundland and Labrador has struck the right balance in developing its tourism industry without destroying what makes it unique, and noted it has welcomed the economic benefits of a strong offshore oil and natural gas industry while maintaining its "stunning natural and cultural integrity". The article also noted the unspoiled scenery, revitalization of waterfronts, rural communities, coastal hiking trails, colourful birdlife and seafaring heritage as among the components which make the Avalon Peninsula "one of the best-kept tourism secrets."

  • CNN’s travel reporter has been charmed by our “Viking history, stunning rocky landscapes and warm, welcoming locals.” Read all about her experience exploring remote, wild and beautiful, Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • “It was the gun that helped England secure its first foothold in the future Canada four centuries ago…” A 400-year-old archeological find in North America's oldest colony, Cupids, NL, has got historians excited. Check out this Vancouver Sun article about discovering the 17th-century remains of the actual cannon site that helped England secure its first claim within what would become Canada.

  • Fogo Island, already rich in culture and history, is in the middle of a creative evolution. This article in design magazine Azure features a dramatic feat of architecture that will have artists clamouring to tap into their Fogo muse.

  • "Hooked. On architecture. That’s what you’ll be feeling after the Fogo Island Arts colony is done with you." An article about the astonishingly creative architecture of the new Fogo Island resort and artist in residency development.

  • The five editors from who were exploring NL recently have completed their coast-to-coast 10-day adventure. is a website highlighting the best hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and snowshoeing trails in North America. Read all about their NL escapades, complete with links to trail info and maps.

  • The love keeps pouring in for St. John's and NL. This travel feature appeared in Britain's widely read Daily Mail newspaper. It highlights some of the similarities between Newfoundlanders and their friends across the pond... most notably, an affinity for the longest running TV soap in the world...

  • Not that we ever stopped 'rockin,' but this Globe and Mail feature talks about something St. John's residents have known for a long time: our city is cutting edge when it comes to music, art, fashion, dining out and even doing business. St. John's rocks and it's the place to be!

  • This feature in WestJet's Up! magazine whimsically explores the charming and scenic fishing village, Quidi Vidi, which flanks the base of Signal Hill, just a five-minute drive away from downtown St. John's... "The village is a little sheltered corner of the east coast, with a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean from inside the gut..."

  • The Land of Spirits: This Globe and Mail feature is all about Canada’s newest national park — Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador. From polar bear sightings to ice bergs, all seen within one of the last untouched wilderness areas in the world, the experience was clearly an unforgettable one for the writer.

  • Sightseeing NL Style

    17 Jul 2010

    “I quickly had to change from my telephoto lens to a regular lens since the whales were so close.” One of the best things to do when you visit NL is go whale watching. This telegram article documents five different boat tours in stunningly scenic western Newfoundland, it’s worth a read!

  • “When a humpback whale surfaces, then dives, not four metres from my kayak, I'm terrified, then delighted.” Read this colourful account of one Toronto Sun journalist’s trip to Newfoundland and Labrador, including a close encounter with our local giants of the deep and some adorable puffins.

  • Number 3! Newfoundland and Labrador was named one of the 7 Hottest Summer Destinations of 2010 by "Polar bears, icebergs, maritime culture, Viking history, and Cupids ... there's no place more enlightening than Newfoundland & Labrador this summer."

  • Read what Maclean’s Magazine says about Newfoundland and Labrador in its Summer Getaways travel series. The article gives an overview of some of the best attractions and important events happening across the province, from hiking the International Appalachian Trail to catching an arthouse film at the new Fogo Island Film House. Also, find out Seamus O'Regan's favourite NL places to visit.

  • TripAtlas has named a Newfoundland and Labrador beach as one of the best in Canada. The website calls Sandbanks Provincial Park in the Burgeo Islands one of the best kept secrets in the country with “uncrowded beaches as well as fantastic hiking, kayaking, herds of caribou, and sand dunes with Anniopsquotch Mountains in the background.”

  • Walkable St. John’s. Westjet’s Up! magazine has ranked St John’s, NL as one of the Top Ten Most Walkable Cities in Canada thanks to its historic streets, winding staircases and brightly coloured buildings. Not to mention a great trail system.