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  • On Wednesday, August 28 we awoke to strong north winds and the forecast was calling for rain in the afternoon so we decided to head immediately for Saddle Island which is where most of the Basque whaling took place. The Basques arrived along the coast of Labrador in the early 1500’s looking for cod and when they discovered the abundance of whales they decided to harvest the whales for their oil. It was a very valuable product and whale oil from Red Bay was used to light the cities of Europe throughout the 1500’s.

  • Western Newfoundland has 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites that attract tourists from around the world. Gros Morne National Park at the base of the Northern Peninsula is one of province’s keystone attractions and L’anse aux Meadows at the very top of the Peninsula is another popular visitor destination. However part way between these 2 locations lies the community of St.Barbe which provides access to Labrador and the province’s newest UNESCO World Heritage site at Red Bay. Red Bay was officially named an UNESCO site in June, 2013 and is important for what it tells us about the Basques whaling exploits in this area in the 1500’s.