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Starting at $3313 Per Person
Where the stories, tales & traditions are filled with old-world charm. There’s no better way to soak it all up than through authentic encounters and hands-on learning experiences – the kind that leads to a true understanding of the living, breathing culture & traditions that exist in every corner of NL.

This packages delivers the very best of what NL has to offer. Highlights include; St. John's, Trinity, Twillingate, Fogo Island Inn, Quirpon Island as well as Gros Morne National Park.

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Vision Atlantic Vacations

Starting at $269 Per Person
Two of Hospitality NL’s 2017 Award Winners join forces. Enjoy a Canadian Signature Experience on a spectacular Close Encounter Boat Tour. Whales, icebergs or sea caves…create your own Close Encounter! Return to unwind at the historic Murray Premises Hotel, combining old world charm with modern amenities in a prime location.

One night stay for two includes parking, continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, and bottled water. Boat tour for two includes tour & round-trip transportation from the hotel.

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Murray Premises Hotel & Ocean Quest Adventures

Starting at $6025 Per Person
A stunning combination of wilderness, seacoast, turquoise lakes, and towering fjords. Explore a land rich in Inuit culture, wildlife, spirits and legends. A tour for those seeking moderate physical activity with polar and black bear viewing in their natural habitat, Inuit culture, and heritage experiences with extra comforts at base camp.

A truly once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed!

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Vision Atlantic Vacations

Starting at $2490 Per Person
The key we give you to three restored coastal homes unlocks more than doors. It opens what National Geographic Traveler calls “one of the world’s most transformative travel experiences.” Meet the local characters whose spirit and wit gives their neighbours endless glee. With our home-grown guide book written for the trip and an unlimited distance vehicle, find the places you want to see, get close to wildlife, and hike trails to pristine spots that transform the spirit.
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CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc.

Starting at $50 Per Person
Steady yourself against the railing as the MV Iceberg Alley bobs gently on the North Atlantic, cruising into Iceberg Alley where surreal 10,000 year old icebergs are adrift. Hear traditional tales and hold your breath as humpbacks and fin whales break the surface. Watch the sunset dapple reds and oranges on the sea as kittiwakes and gannets circle above and dolphins play off the bow. Immerse yourself into coastal Newfoundland with the Iceberg Man for a true Canadian Signature Experience.
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Twillingate Island Boat Tour Ltd.

Starting at $150 Per Couple
Are you feeling patriotic today?

We’re rolling out the canvas and want to lend a hand in creating your memorable red & white masterpiece! Get inspired while aboard Newfoundland's award winning boat tour. Sail past a dazzling parade of pristine icebergs while admiring the Atlantic Puffin's colourful beak & the fin of a humpback whale as it waves hello to its new found friends.

Unleash that inspiration in your copy of Bobbi Pike's The Colours of Newfoundland and Labrador colouring book!

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Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours - St. John's

Starting at $1390 Per Person
Live the life of a light keeper on 'Iceberg Alley'. Hear the calls of Humpback Whales echo off massive icebergs in your private cove. From Gros Morne to Labrador, experience the province’s natural and cultural highlights. Tour a fjord, then off to Quirpon Lighthouse Inn on a remote island overlooking the Viking site. Wander cliffs to ancient sod huts, but keep an eye out for whales and icebergs at your feet. Enjoy boat trips - two exploring Iceberg Alley and one through Western Brook Pond fjord.
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Linkum Tours

Starting at $60 Per Person
Sail with award winning Iceberg Quest and experience Twillingate, Iceberg Capital of the world.

Breathe in fresh ocean air as we sail down Iceberg Alley. Feast your eyes on a glittering parade of majestic icebergs. Witness the mighty humpback whale playfully thrust itself out of the water in a full breach. Sail past rugged coastlines. Dance a jig to a Newfoundland shanty. Fall in love all over again.

Enjoy an award winning boat tour & Iceberg beer. Step aboard ... experience the WONDER!

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Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours & Quidi Vidi Brewery

Starting at $199.99 Per Person
Begin your adventure from a 200 year old fishing village. Puffins, Gannets and Eagles soar above, as you zip through the water, accompanied by dolphins and whales in the near distance. You may think its another whale, but the natural land-based geyser blows, you have reached the Spout. You can enjoy the splash zone from the boat, or slip into the water to explore the vibrant ecosystem below where the fish and marine life call home. Finish off with a rejuvenating natural waterfall shower.
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Ocean Quest Adventures

Starting at $22 Per Person
Raise your glass with a Viking for an evening of heroic and tragic tales from the Viking Sagas at the only authenticated Norse site in North America. Let the kitchen fire warm you as our Viking interpreters lead you on an expedition of adventure and exploration through storytelling. You will be immersed in Norse culture and given a small taste of Vinland through story and song.
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L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site