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  • Grates Cove
    Dine on a fusion of Newfoundland Cajun home cooking in the Old School House; savor delicious Korean BBQ sandwiches on toutons, or traditional Louisiana gumbo created with snow crab and other local ingredients that are fresh in season. The restaurant at Grates Cove Studios allows owners Terrance and Courtney Howell to offer the dishes they have enjoyed cooking together since their courtship in Korea.
  • B Kenmount Restaurant

    75 Kenmount Road
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 753 8385
  • C Mr. Wilson’s

    68 Humber Road
    Corner Brook
  • D Sun Luck Restaurant

    92 Main Street
    +1 (709) 643 3022
  • Gander
    Fully licensed, newly renovated dining room, specializing in steak and seafood. The Dining Room is conveniently located on the main floor and is famous for Newfoundland Specialty Dishes.
  • F The Watershed

    24A Main Road
    Petty Harbour
  • G Mega Wraps

    585 Torbay Road
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 738 4195
  • H Subway

    52A Broadway
    Corner Brook
  • Bonavista
    The BSC is a restaurant/bakery/food production facility located in the small coastal community Upper Amherst Cove, on the Bonavista Peninsula. Surrounding gardens and pastures are used to grow and raise all the food served in the restaurant.
  • J Gannet’s Nest RV Park

    St. Brides
    St. Bride's
  • K Coffee Matters

    5 Springdale Street
    St. John's
  • Grand Falls-Windsor
  • St. John's
    Innovative interpretation of Newfoundland cuisine. Focus is on local produce, products, spirtits, seafood and game.
  • N Rustler’s

    272-276 Torbay Road
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 576 4782
  • O Fallsview Snack Bar

    Southside Exploits River
    Grand Falls-Windsor
    +1 (709) 489 7350
  • P Montana’s Cookhouse & Bar

    80 Kenmount Road
    St. John's
    +1 (902) 835 6362
  • Q Candlelite Bay Inn

    429 Main Road
    Arnold's Cove
    +1 (709) 681 2853
  • R Ji Wen Garden Restaurant

    82 West Street
    Corner Brook
  • S Super Lobster Pool

    Doyle Sansome & Sons Ltd.
  • T McDonald’s Restaurant (Wal-Mart)

    75 Kelsey Drive
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 754 1254
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