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  • A Loong Wah

    13 LeMarchant Road
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 726 4811
  • St. John's
    Jumping Bean Coffee Company serves the highest quality of coffee and coffee products. Dine In and Take Away available.
    +1 (709) 754 4538
  • C Grand Bank Theatre Festival Kitchen

    16 Water Street
    Grand Bank
  • D Mea Mei Wok Eatery

    12 Freshwater Road
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 726 8424
  • E Subway

    918 Conception Bay Hwy
    +1 (709) 834 7099
  • F Tim Hortons

    278 Torbay Road, St. John's
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 722 2814
  • G Quiet Cannon Restaurant

    Man o War Cove
    Man O'War Cove
  • H Maynard's Torrent River Inn

    Trans Canada Highway
    Hawke's Bay
  • I Dockside Restaurant

    179 Water Street
  • J Scott's Snack Bar

    110 Canada Drive
    Harbour Breton
    +1 (709) 885 2406
  • Mushuau Hotel

    Piwas Street
  • The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

  • Conception Bay South
    Savvy is designed to bridge the gap between quality and convenience: the food you'd expect from a more expensive restaurant, paired with the versatility and convenience of takeout. .
  • N Sundance Saloon

    George & Adelaide Street
    St. John's
  • O Oasis Grill House

    2A Ryan's Road
  • P Moosehead Lounge

    Spruce Avenue
  • St. John's
    I am a cook for hire who is inspired by all that Newfoundland produces! It is easy to be creative these days with all we are producing right here in Newfoundland and Labrador: from the local lamb and pork to the beautiful and interesting produce that has never before been grown here. I have been running my own personal chef and catering business in St,John’s since 2005 and my previous culinary experience has allowed me to work with some of this cities best chefs in their own restaurants.
  • R Subway

    1491-1499 Topsail Road
    Paradise, Conception Bay
    +1 (709) 747 8080
  • S Outport Museum - Tea Room

    Main Street
    La Scie
    +1 (709) 675 2432
  • T Riverside Take-Out

    Main Street
    Conne River
    +1 (709) 882 2073
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