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  • St. John's
    I am a cook for hire who is inspired by all that Newfoundland produces! It is easy to be creative these days with all we are producing right here in Newfoundland and Labrador: from the local lamb and pork to the beautiful and interesting produce that has never before been grown here. I have been running my own personal chef and catering business in St,John’s since 2005 and my previous culinary experience has allowed me to work with some of this cities best chefs in their own restaurants.
  • B R & J Restaurant

    Main Street
    +1 (709) 884 2212
  • C Little Denier

  • D Fong's Restaurant & Lounge

    143 Columbus Drive
    +1 (709) 596 5010
  • E Mom's Takeout

    6-12 Conception Bay Highway
    Clarke's Beach
  • F Garden Cafe

    306 Mount Scio Road
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 753 0173
  • G Oceanview Restaurant and Cabins

    195 Cape Shore Road
    +1 (709) 468 7771
  • Cupids
    Cupid's Haven is the former St. Augustine's Anglican Church.
  • I Causeway Restaurant

    Pickett's Brook
    Boyd's Cove
    +1 (709) 656 3211
  • J Wu's Takeout

    80 Fisher Street
    Port au Choix
    +1 (709) 861 2539
  • K McDonald's

    55 Rowe Avenue
    +1 (709) 651 0020
  • L Breen's Restaurant

    Trans Canada Highway
    +1 (709) 754 7717
  • M Tim Horton's

    Columbus Drive
    +1 (709) 596 8467
  • N Classic Cafe East

    73 Duckworth Street
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 782 7833
  • Forteau
    Situated on the spectacular Labrador coast, the Sea View Cottages and Restaurant is ideally located for travellers who prefer a cosy, self-contained option. We provide clean, comfortable, quality accomodation; perfect for a couple or small family looking for a short break or full family holiday.
  • St. John's
    If you have been longing for the goodness of a home cooked meal, look to Jack’s Dining Room and enjoy not only a great menu and fabulous prices, but the best of Newfoundland hospitality as well. Join us for breakfast, mingle with colleagues over a light lunch or sit back at the end of a hectic day and enjoy a fulfilling meal with family and friends.
  • Q Kentucky Fried Chicken

    484-490 Main Street
    +1 (709) 535 2526
  • R Rosie's Restaurant and Bakery

    135 Roe Avenue
    +1 (709) 256 6087
  • St. John's
    The tastes of Newfoundland and Labrador might be vast, however, you'd be hard pressed to argue against Fish and chips as the taste of St. John's.
  • T TLP Restaurant

    Change Islands
    Change Islands
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