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  • A Mustang Sally’s Flaming Skillet

    203 Water Street
    St. John's
  • B Saltwater Restaurant

    284 Duckworth Street
    St. John's
  • C Bernard Kavanagh’s Irish Loop Drive Restaurant

    Main Road
    +1 (709) 432 2220
  • D Hynes’ Chicken Villa

    Main Road
  • E The Puffin’s Perch

    5 Main Street
    St. Bride's
    +1 (709) 337 2860
  • F Aunt Desie’s Diner & Greco Pizza Express

    Main Street
    +1 (709) 891 4141
  • G Sequerra

    27 Elizabeth Avenue
    St. John's
    (709) -
  • H Kettle Rock Cafe

    1 Backside Road
  • I Grenfell Restaurant

    9 Grenfell Drive
    +1 (709) 282 3221
  • J Clode Sound Motel & Restaurant

    Charlottetown, Newfoundland
    +1 (709) 664 3146
  • K Mr. Submarine

    446 Newfoundland Drive
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 579 1844
  • Grates Cove
    Dine on a fusion of Newfoundland Cajun home cooking in the Old School House; savor delicious Korean BBQ sandwiches on toutons, or traditional Louisiana gumbo created with snow crab and other local ingredients that are fresh in season. The restaurant at Grates Cove Studios allows owners Terrance and Courtney Howell to offer the dishes they have enjoyed cooking together since their courtship in Korea.
  • M Artisan Inn’s Twine Loft in Trinity

    57 High Street
  • N The Florian Hotel

    4 Buckles Point Road
  • O Full House Chinese Restaurant

    74 Old Placentia Road
    Mount Pearl
  • P Captain Submarine

    96-98 Canada Drive
    Harbour Breton
  • Twillingate
    Known for its delectable casual dining with fresh seafood and a modern twist on traditional Newfoundland dishes, Georgie?s is a local delight. Fresh with a Modern Twist Lobster, cod, halibut, salmon, mussels, scallops, crab, shrimp or moose: for the adventurous palette Georgie?s is the place to eat.
  • St. John's
  • S Mr. Wilson’s

    68 Humber Road
    Corner Brook
  • T Shalimar Restaurant Inc.

    272 Duckworth Street
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 693 2436
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