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  • Holyrood
    The Tea Garden Restaurant is nestled within a beautiful park of lilacs, mock oranges and other stately trees. One enters beneath an arch of right whale jaw bones and following an aromatic floral path, one reaches our heritage home which has been transformed into a total dining experience; overlooking Holyrood harbour.
  • B The Thorndyke Dining

    33 Water Street
    Grand Bank
    +1 (709) 832 0820
  • C Tim Horton’s

    2- 4 Columbia Drive
  • D Trailside Motel and Restaurant

    Trans Canada Highway
    +1 (709) 690 2461
  • E Turk’s Gut Heritage Lunch Room & Tourist Information Center

    Marysvale Road
    +1 (709) 528 4520
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