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Sunset in Twillingate
Sunset in Crow Head, Twillingate
Dinner Theatre in Crow Head, Twillingate
Hiking Trails In Twillingate
Long Point Lighthouse In Twillingate
Iceberg at Crow Head
Boat Tour in Twillingate

Imagine yourself seated on a patch of long grass, looking out over the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Fishing boats bounce softly over the waves as the light from the setting sun reflects off the side of a 10,000-year-old iceberg. This is just a tiny piece of the beauty you will experience in Twillingate.

Twillingate embodies everything so many Newfoundland and Labrador outports are famous for: stunningly-rugged coastline, historical, picturesque streets, and lush countryside roads. In the waters off the coast, look for whales, dolphins, harp seals, seabirds and – if the season is right – icebergs. Twillingate is located alongside Iceberg Alley, a vast corridor of ocean that runs from Greenland. One of the best places to view all these sights is at Long Point Lighthouse, which looks out over the distant reaches of Notre Dame Bay.

Walk through winding laneways past colourful houses, standing proudly on the shore. Jump from rock to rock over rivers full of tiny fish. Take a boat expedition and witness whales breaching and playing just metres away from you. Twillingate offers a wide range of scenic walking trails and hiking tours.

Spend time at the Twillingate museum, located in the former Anglican Rectory, and see how the wealthy lived at the turn of the century. Absorb the town's long history. Learn the story of Georgina Stirling, the town's most famous resident, a world-renowned opera singer who toured Italy and the United States throughout the 1890's. Nicknamed "The Nightingale of the North", she was known professionally as Marie Toulinguet.

Be sure to head to our annual Fish, Fun and Folk Festival during the last weekend of July. Join in on the excitement of scavenger hunts, parades, bonfires, fireworks, concerts, and so much more.

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Twillingate is located at the tip of The Kittiwake Coast: Road to the Isles on Route 340. It is 116 km or 1.5 hours from Gander International Airport.

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Starting at $50 Per Person
Steady yourself against the railing as the MV Iceberg Alley bobs gently on the North Atlantic, cruising into Iceberg Alley where surreal 10,000 year old icebergs are adrift. Hear traditional tales and hold your breath as humpbacks and fin whales break the surface. Watch the sunset dapple reds and oranges on the sea as kittiwakes and gannets circle above and dolphins play off the bow. Immerse yourself into coastal Newfoundland with the Iceberg Man for a true Canadian Signature Experience.
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Twillingate Island Boat Tour Ltd.

Starting at $50 Per Person
Experience the sea as a Newfoundlander! Get close and personal with icebergs or try your hand at cod fishing, hauling lobster pots, or checking the nets of Captain Dave’s commercial fishery. Join Captain Dave, an experienced commercial fisherman for an Newfoundland adventure like no other. Then enjoy a personal tour of the Prime Berth Fishing Museum, winner of the 2015 Tourism Sustainability Award and ranked the 6th Best Museum in Canada by TripAdvisor.
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Captain Dave's Boat Tours and Prime Berth Twillingate Fishing and Heritage Center


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