Central Region

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Regional Highlights

Iceberg Viewing

Iceberg Viewing

With such an array of shapes, no wonder we can’t describe them in less than six terms: tabular, blocky, wedged, dome, pinnacle, dry dock.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Looking for rejuvenation? Refresh yourself with unforgettable whale watching experiences right here in Central.

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Stepping back and enjoying nature is easy in a place with abundant trails – Lighthouse Trail, Twillingate.

Inspiration Overload

The Central Experience

Check out inspiring blogs from writers who’ve explored everything Central Newfoundland has to offer.

About the Central Region

Right in the heart of Newfoundland, the central region contains some of the best outdoor experiences to be found in the province. It's where you can visit Iceberg Alley – the stretch of coastline along which towers of ancient ice majestically float down from Greenland – and where whales gather in large numbers to feed, play and people-watch.

The central region also boasts 55 marked trails and, as you explore, you'll see clapboard houses sitting atop rocky coasts, and wharves and boats testifying to the continuing importance of the centuries-old fishing industry. Most of the people living here descended from West Country fishermen who settled the shores more than two centuries ago. The region also has a rich aboriginal history that dates back as far as 5,000 years and includes the Beothuks as well as the Dorset people who carved soapstone pots at Newfoundland's first quarry.

Central is a perfect place to take a boat trip, or to do both sea and river kayaking. It's also worth visiting Terra Nova National Park while you're here – 400 square kilometres of boreal forest and coastline, ideal for whale watching, birdwatching, hiking, golfing and camping.

No words can truly capture the experience of coming face-to-face with a giant of the ocean. Here, we're visited annually by 26 species of whales and 6 different types of icebergs. There's a certain sense of awe that accompanies these encounters, and you begin to appreciate why no trip to Newfoundland is complete without visiting this region known as Adventure Central – just minutes from Gander, and a short drive from St. John's and Deer Lake.

Starting at $7850 USD
Live your dream on this remote, air accessible hunt in central Newfoundland. Fully equipped hunting lodge staffed with knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides plus professional chef. Package includes local air/ground transportation; hearty meals, and accommodations; 1 on 1 guide services; game recovery and care. License fee at $510.00 CDN, plus taxes extra. Combination hunts with moose and/or black bear available. Contact Wayne for information, reservations; and assistance with hunt planning.
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Pine Ridge Lodge

Starting at $1525 Per Night
Fogo Island's Partridgeberry Festival is the backdrop to Fogo Island Inn's long weekend coast to coast culinary collaborations and outdoor adventures with six of Canada's most notable chefs. They will gather over Thanksgiving to create an exquisite six-course feast. Featuring: Chef Dana Hauser, Fairmont Waterfront; Chef Lynn Crawford and Chef Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco; Chef Emma Cardarelli, Nora Gray; Chef Katie Hayes, Bonavista Social Club and Chef Murray McDonald, Fogo Island Inn.

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Fogo Island Inn

Starting at $5000 USD
Fly-in hunting like it used to be - by foot over untouched, pristine wilderness. Moose vs. you in his backyard. With the abundance of animals here, success is on your side. Enjoy the quality hunting experience of a lifetime.
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Grey Lake East Outfitters

Starting at $4000 Per Person
Exclusive fly-fishing for wild Atlantic salmon on the most remote river on the island of Newfoundland. Experience this pristine wilderness in comfort at large, modern lodges accessed by helicopter. Spend your time battling salmon, not other anglers for fishing space. Offering opportunity for a small party atmosphere as well as capacity for up to 8 guests per period, with special welcome extended to couples and families. Contact Tony for more information.
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Grey River Lodge Ltd.

Starting at $5250 USD
100% Success in 2014!

Located in remote north-central Newfoundland, we access thousands of acres of raw remote wilderness, teeming with moose and bear. Some of the areas to be hunted this year has seen very little or no hunting in the last five years and have numerous mature bulls. Our services include a 1 on 1 guide with first class prepared meals and lodging at the outpost camp as well as the main lodge.

At A1Hunts, your success is not our job, it’s our passion!!

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A1 Hunts Twin Lakes Inc.

Starting at $1299 Per Person
The title says it all - with more than 29,000 kilometres of coastline, there are plenty of vantage points to see the true stars of this package, the whales, birds and bergs!

Package includes expert travel advice, 7 nights’ accommodation, 7-day mid-size car rental with unlimited kilometres, two whale watching boat tours, St. John’s city tour, a Lighthouse Picnic, and admission to select museums and attractions.

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Maxxim Vacations

Starting at $175 Per Person
Raft the mighty Exploits River, the largest and longest river in Newfoundland with three of your friends. Surf, swim and play in the friendly rapids, then enjoy a hearty lunch on a beautiful rock island, and a luxurious night stay in a 4 1/2 star Riverfront Chalet. Spark up the BBQ on your own private deck, and relax in the outdoor saltwater hot tub as you watch the sun set over the river.
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Riverfront Chalets and Rafting Newfoundland

Starting at $1275 Per Night
There are over 20 types of edible berries on Fogo Island. And that's not all. Rare lichens, herds of caribou and skittish partridges are just some of what you can expect to find on the island's barrens and hills. Look out for partridgeberries, marshberries, crowberries, whorts, bakeapples and blueberries and gather wood for a Fogo Island boil up. The berry season tradition of an outdoor fire, roasted salt fish, berry tarts and strong tea is the simplest yet most satisfying of feasts.
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Fogo Island Inn

Starting at $4350 USD
High success rate hunts with rifle, bow, and muzzle-loader at both ground access and air access hunting lodges. Fully guided hunts will be tailored to hunters who prefer minimum walking. Package includes local land and/or air transportation; meals and accommodation at hunting lodge; guide services. License fees at $420.00 CDN, plus taxes extra. Combination hunts including woodland caribou, black bear, and coyote are possible. Contact Wayne for details and assistance with hunt planning.

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Pine Ridge Lodge

Starting at $3600.00 Per Person
Hideaway Lodge offers guided moose hunts in the wilderness area of central Newfoundland. Family run with local, experienced hunting guides. The Lodge is located on Frozen Ocean lake, surrounded by natural wooded areas, bogs and marsh areas ideal for moose hunting. Included in the price: accommodations (with beds, bedding, shower), home cooked meals, guide services, tags ...all you need to bring is personal gear!
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Hideaway Lodge

Starting at $4950 Per Person
The tour company that brought you the original Eco-Culture Experience is back with a journey into the kitchens of our new cuisine. CapeRace has dreamed up 8 days for the gut-foundered that include stays in the coastal foodie hotbed of St. John’s, the Bonavista Peninsula & the famed Fogo Island Inn. Emphasis is on the local- local inspirations and local people doing extraordinary things with traditional ingredients. Along the way you’ll see whales & icebergs, coastal villages & lighthouses.
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CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc.

Starting at $2500 USD
Black Bears in Newfoundland are a unique sub-species, and are among the largest in North America with Spring weights exceeding 500lbs or 226kg.

Victoria Outfitters has been a specialized Spring Black Bear Outfitter for more than 25 years. This is an all-inclusive hunt from Millertown and return with length of trips from 6 days to ten days. All home cooked meals / lunches. Owner on site 24/7. Contact Dave for more information.

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Victoria Lodge


* Offers are subject to availability. Taxes are extra. You may have to pre-book and/or mention
the promotion at the time of booking. Please check with the operator for more details.

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  • 2 Days
    This two-day itinerary of the Coast of Bays includes the Bay d’Espoir area and the Connaigre Peninsula on the southern coast of the island of Newfoundland.
  • 7 Days
    This seven-day tour along the Kittiwake Coast includes islands, beaches, a national park, and a rich history, spanning thousands of years.
  • 4 Days
    Four days of hiking in three different areas of central Newfoundland, complemented by cultural attractions, and a boat tour to an ancient aboriginal site.
  • 3 Days
    For this tour, you’ll spend three days on beautiful and unique Change and Fogo Islands exploring traditional outport life and the rugged coastal landscape of an area with a remarkable blend of both old and contemporary culture.
  • 7 Days
    Right in the heart of Newfoundland, the central region contains some of the best outdoor experiences in the province. It's where you can visit Iceberg Alley and where whales gather in large numbers to feed, play and people-watch. Central is a perfect place to take a boat trip, or to do both sea and river kayaking. And a visit to culturally rich Fogo Island is a must.
  • Central
    355 km
    To reach this stunning stretch of coastline take Route 360 South from Bishop's Falls to Bay d'Espoir, which means "bay of hope" in French — although, ironically, it's pronounced "bay despair." The Coast of Bays trail, however, is just as it sounds, an area scattered with beautiful bays as well as spectacular fjords.
  • Central
    397 km
    The Dorset Trail is a land of complex geology and associated mineral deposits that underlie steep, thickly wooded hills. This highway is named for the Dorset Eskimos who lived — and quarried — here 1,500 years ago. Even earlier, the Maritime Archaic Indians inhabited the area and may have exploited its minerals. But both the aboriginals and early European settlers came originally for fish, game and timber.
  • Central
    534 km
    The Exploits Valley scenic touring route follows, in part, the traditional Beothuk seasonal route between the interior and the coast, and includes major Beothuk attractions. This area is filled with lakes and rivers, making it ideal for nature enthusiasts.
  • 73 km
    The Beothuk Trail is so named because this was an area of Newfoundland once occupied by the now extinct aboriginal people. The area has several trails, including the eight-kilometre Alexander Murray Hiking Trail in King's Point, named for a 19th-century geologist. It climbs more than 300 metres and provides an unsurpassed view of Green Bay.
  • 67 km + Boat
    This tour begins on Route 335, which takes you to Farewell where you can catch a ferry to Change Islands, with a sailing time of 25 minutes, and Fogo Island, which is 50 minutes away. Rich in history, culture and creativity, this part of the province has become a particularly popular place for artists of all disciplines to visit. Remember, when travelling by coastal boat or ferry it's always a good idea to plan everything in advance. Schedules can vary.
  • 43 km
    This tour, which incorporates beautiful Terra Nova National Park, will take you to sheltered coves, sandy beaches and some of the best locations for water sports in the province. Here you will find rivers to canoe, ponds to fish, inlets to sail, and clean, clear lakes to swim.
  • 172 km
    This tour takes you into the scenic reaches and islands of Notre Dame Bay. The Visitor Information Centre at Notre Dame Junction, near the intersection of Route 1 and Route 340, is a good place to start. Here you can obtain information on the ferries to Fogo Island and Change Islands, and find out where the icebergs are.
  • 226 km
    This tour takes you to the historic coastal communities of Gander Bay and Northern Bonavista Bay. On the way, you will travel through a wilderness of tall trees, blue lakes and crystal-clear streams. Between the communities, you'll find white sandy beaches that stretch on forever and grassy fields perfect for picnics.