Our Favourite Iceberg Photos of 2022

Around here, things move at a different pace and that suits our icebergs just fine. After all, if you were 10,000 years old, you’d take your time too. While the last couple of years haven’t produced as many photo opportunities as we’d like, we were thrilled to see quite a few frosty giants drift past our shores this year.

If you are as happy as we are to see them again, then read on, here are our favourite photos from an exciting 2022 iceberg season in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Battle Harbour

As icebergs break off from Greenland they follow the Labrador Current down along the east coast of Labrador, usually too far offshore to view. Tom managed to capture this beauty as it snuck past Battle Harbour.


The residents of Quirpon have seen icebergs of all shapes and sizes over the years, so for them to call an iceberg big it must truly be big. They nicknamed this one “The Runway” due to its size and shape. We can see the resemblance.

Great Brehat

A great sunset and a great iceberg make for a great photo. What more could you ask for from Great Brehat.

St. Anthony

Locals and travellers alike gathered at Fox Point Light Station in St. Anthony to witness this beautiful berg bask in the glow of spring golden hour, within an arm’s reach of shore.


A massive iceberg called Triton home for over a month this spring providing creators with ample opportunity to capture. With dozens of photos to choose from, we couldn’t pick just one. Here’s a double feature from Dru Kennedy and Corwin Roberts, including a photobomb appearance from some other frequent visitors.

Little Harbour

Little harbour, huge iceberg. Elizabeth captured the perspective of this behemoth perfectly as it towered over a small community near Twillingate.

Merritt's Harbour

You’d think we get used to views like these, but we don’t. It’s impossible to not be taken back when you can look out your window at a 10,000-year old ice cathedral in your front yard.


This iceberg was the crown jewel of the Bonavista area this spring. Thankfully, Phil was able to capture it in all its glory.

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