Our Favourite Hiking Photos from 2021

Around here, tranquillity has coordinates. And over the past year, our visitorsand localsset out to find them. 

From coastal trails to meandering river walks and back-country treks, our intrepid hikers really set the pace for 2021. Here are some of our favourite hiking and walking images collected along the way.

The Spout Path

First, we start with winter.

Part of the East Coast Trail network, the Spout Path is famous for its natural wave-powered geyser (hence the name). Despite being a heavy-duty 16.3-kilometre hike, plenty of hikers and snowshoers took to the trail year-round in 2021. Worth the effort? We think so. Thanks, Carolyn Murray, for this winter shot.


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Piccos Edge Path

Also part of the East Coast Trail, the Piccos Edge Path is nearly 15 kilometres long and is meant for experienced hikers only. Fortunately, that's no problem for mountain climber and adventurer extraordinaire, TA Loeffler.


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The North Head Trail, Signal Hill

A favourite for those of us living in St. John's, the views from the North Head Trail never gets old. Especially when you look across The Narrows and Fort Amherst is shrouded in mist, as Steph Cardinal captured so beautifully here.


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Chance Cove Coastal Hiking Trail

Along the shores of Trinity Bay, the Chance Cove Coastal Hiking Trail became Insta-famous in recent years thanks to its surreal landscape of turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and a collection of rocky outcrops and sea caves. As Kara O'Keefe proves, even when it's grey, it's absolutely beautiful.


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Crystal Falls, Labrador City

The hike to Crystal Falls is less than a kilometre long, making it an ideal walk for all experience levelsand you'll be rewarded with a waterfall at the end. Photographer Josh Bingle was inspired by these autumn colours on his early morning walk. 


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Tablelands Trail

We've seen some epic shots of the Tablelands Trail in Gros Morne National Park over the years, but this one by Jaleesa Hawco takes the cake. Dramatic landscape, moody skies, and an epic viewing place to take it all in.


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Southern Head, Salvage (Damnable Trail)

The Salvage Trails make up part of the Damnable Trail network on the Eastport Peninsula, tracing a series of old footpaths and hauling paths forged by early settlers in the area. Carolyn Murray found one of the best seats in the house from the Southern Head lookout, with that quintessential view over scenic Salvage.   


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Green Gardens

Another well-known gem in Gros Morne National Park, Green Gardens has a coastline that looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park. The landscape changes quickly here, from the serpentine barrens of the Tablelands, through boreal forest, and finally, along a volcanic sea coast. Tour Gros Morne shows it all off for us here. 


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Southhead Lighthouse Trail, Lark Harbour

Located in the Bay of Islands, Lark Harbour sets the scene for one of the area's most scenic hikes: the Southhead Lighthouse Trail. Although it's a somewhat short 3.2-kilometre trail, it leads to a prominent lookout over the site of the former Southhead Lighthouse, with plenty of wildlife and whale watching opportunities in between. Here's a sneak peek from Sarah Lillian Rose.



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Bottle Cove Hiking Trail, Bottle Cove

It's evident by now that the West Coast is full of incredible hiking trails, including the  popular Bottle Cove Hiking Trail in Bottle Cove. Although it's an easy 2-kilometre hike, the trail takes in a lot as it leads to Miranda Cove, Sunset Rock, Bottle Cove Beach, and the Captain Cook's Trails End Monument. The views? Jaw-dropping. Thanks to Steph Cardinal for sharing.


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Battle Harbour Foot Path

Few places in the world offer the kind of peace and quiet that's on tap at Battle Harbour, a remote island off the coast of Labrador. Time has a way of slowing down when your days are filled with very few distractions—instead, you get to wander the footpaths and boardwalks around this restored 19th-century fishing settlement, taking in one of the most glorious sunsets in Eastern Canada. 

In his Instagram post, travel writer Tim Johnson says his time at Battle Harbour will stay with him forever. How could it not, with moments like this?


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