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The fall is a great time of year to visit Newfoundland and Labrador. Striking vistas and landscapes make for rugged backdrops as brilliant colours drape the diverse geography of the province, with bright reds on the west coast and the interior of the island and bright yellows on the east coast and Labrador. With all the beauty that autumn harbors, it's no wonder that our visitors are compelled to capture the fierce beauty of this place. With that, here are some of our favourite fall photos taken through the lens of our travellers.

Glowing St. John's

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St. John's has a variety of parks and walking trails to explore. Throughout the valleys and hills of the capital city you will find great places like this to capture vibrant colours.

The Broader Palette of Codroy Valley

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No stranger to grand vistas, the Codroy Valley has a mountainous backdrop, estuary vistas and the winding beauty of the Grand Codroy River that gets even more dynamic in the fall. As the leaves turn you begin to see a broader palette of colour everywhere you look. 

Valley of Colours

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The Humber Valley is a great area to see fall foliage in the Western part of the island. Stands of birch trees and colourful maples dot the area and can be seen from a number of vantage points in the region.

Handful of Berries 


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October and November months carry crisp air filled with flavours as the first dawn frosts deliver seasonal berries like cranberries and partridgeberries. Head out on one of the province's 300 hiking and walking trails and you'll be sure to come out with a full belly and a bucketful of berries. 

Fogo Island Barrens


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Who says you need deciduous trees to experience fall colours? On Fogo Island, barren landscapes reflect warm light and yellow tones as berry season (one of the island's self-described seven seasons) provides dozens of edible berries across the island's barrens and bogs.

Trinity Getaways

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The vibrancy of fall transcends the community of Trinity: here you'll find no shortage of things to do in the area during a fall visit. The Bonavista peninsula plays host to world class hiking trails, a craft brewery, and many great restaurants. Enjoy the scenic route on your road trip as the bright reds of dogberries line the towns' quaint roads.

Coastal Colours

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The province's 29,000 km of coastline features the greens and blues of the crashing ocean surf year-round, but the fall offers a spectrum of shades that add another dimension to an already photo-worthy landscape. While the East Coast Trail is mostly lined with evergreens, you will still find bursts of colour along the coastline, with pops of red poking out from a soft carpet of vivid yellow moss. Fall can also be a great time of year to take a boat tour to view fantastic coastal colour-laden scenery you won't get any other time of the year.  

Multicoloured Parks


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The province's national and provincial parks are great places to take in fall foliage. Each park consists of its own unique eco-region, allowing for a variety of colourful vegetation in these protected areas. 

Strolling in Barrens

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While the barrens may not be the first place you think of when thinking about fall, the Big Land offers intense colours at this time of year. The landscape in Labrador offers reds, golds, greens and russets and you'll be sure to find more than just a breath of fresh air. 


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