Starting at $100 Per Person

Feather & Folk Guided ATV Excursion

Pirate's Haven Resort
229 Main Road, Robinson's

Join us on June 10th! Feel June's refreshing breeze upon your face and smell the trees and grounds as everything comes to life! This ATV Excursion is for riders of all skill levels, safety first with lots of thrills, savor the taste of delicious "moose burger & sausage" mug-up style with molasses & cinnamon buns. Rejuvenate yourself as you ride wide open spaces and appreciate nature's raw beauty. Gourmet Lobster supper upon return. Adventure & beauty all day!

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Additional Information

Valid Jun 10, 2023. Feather & Folk Guided ATV Tour is the 1st annual scheduled ATV guided day tour of the season. All participants meet at Pirate's Haven Longhouse for 9am, confirm registration, all bikes are set in sequence for the duration, Paul gives an overview of upcoming terrain and landscapes and riders are informed of safety and respectful riding protocols. The tour departs at 10am, includes trail treats, "mug up" lunch (moose burger, sausage, molasses buns) and ending with lobster supper.

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