Strawberry Festival at the Farm and Market in Clarenville


Strawberry Day is guaranteed to be the greatest event of the season! The market is a convenient place to purchase farm produce, local crafts, baked goods and perseveres, and much more. With 6 raised beds, a greenhouse, a children’s play area, our root cellar, over 35 local vendors, and more we are sure that people will love our farmers market. It's a must-see destination for visitors who want to experience Newfoundland hospitality.

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Locations & Dates

  • Clarenville, Clarenville
  • 53.9605, -48.1458
  • Strawberry Day is a one day event on July 25th (Subject to change, Visit our website for details)



  • Our events are free of charge (additional charges may apply)
  • Payment Options
    • Email Money Transfer


  • Food Services Onsite
  • Internet/WIFI