Avalon Region

Grates Cove Rockwall Garden Walk

Grates Cove

Jun 1 - Oct 31

A walk with views that are just as captivating as the area’s history. The rock walls at Grates Cove National Historic Site date back to 1790 and follow the contours of the treeless, windswept headland. Locals used these walls to separate their farming and gardening efforts. Guide tours are available with professional artist Terrence Howell. Learn of the Molly shipwreck, John Cabot in Grates Cove and the D'Iberville raids of 1697 while taking in spectacular views of the North Atlantic.

Locations & Dates

  • Main Street, Grates Cove
  • 48.1623, -52.9349
  • Jun 1 - Oct 31


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