Traveller’s Tip: Book cars and accommodations in advance.

1 Mar 2015

If you have plans to visit Newfoundland and Labrador this summer, there are a couple of things you should know:

The first, make sure you book at least some of your accommodations in advance. This is the height of convention season as well as touring – and this year we’ve had the added attraction of the best iceberg viewing in about 20 years. Even with the addition of two new hotels in St. John’s in the past year, demand is steep.

The second thing you have to keep in mind – with so much to see in this off-the-beaten-path location – be sure to book car rentals early. That way you can concentrate on the things that really matter when you arrive here…like the incredible scenery, the fresh coastal breeze, the delicious food, and how to wrangle more vacation time so you can extend your stay just a little bit longer.

For a list of car rental operators, search our  local transportation directory.