Two brand new Tourism TV ads

17 Jan 2011

What better way to start a new year than with brand new Tourism TV? The new spots rolled out across Canada today and already they’re enticing would-be travellers to this off-the-beatenpath destination.

‘Half Hour’ and ‘500 Years’ represent the 11th and 12th chapters in the continuing Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism ‘Find Yourself’ campaign story. It’s a story that hits home with its audience. 2010 wrapped as the best tourism year ever seen in our history, with over half a million visitors to the province.

Like chapters of a book, these new ads paint a more complete picture of the unusual, unexpected, and compelling differences that make Newfoundland and Labrador such an unforgettable destination.

Half Hour

Having our own time zone, half an hour ahead of everyone else, is more than a product of our geography. It’s an unusual, compelling part of this place. And it’s a metaphor for who we are as a people.

In Newfoundland and Labrador we see things a bit differently. We find beauty and inspiration in our rugged, natural environment. And we embrace our inherent creativity and quirkiness.

We’ve never been afraid to be ourselves or go at our own pace. And, although we have our very own time zone, we don’t really measure time in seconds or half hours, but in moments and experiences. Here, you can set your watch a half hour ahead, or you can just leave it at home.

Five Hundred Years

St. John’s is a city with an amazing story spanning more than 500 years. A city with experience, character, and charm.

Despite its age, St. John’s remains youthful, hopeful, and curious in spirit. It’s home to a vibrant community, brimming with art and creativity. It possesses one of the most distinct cultures in the world - the complete opposite of so many contrived, commercial tourism destinations.

Known for its unique architecture, brightly coloured houses, and snug harbour, it’s a sophisticated city with a rugged, authentic feel. It’s a city that cultivates spontaneity and effortlessly blends the old with the new in an off-the-beaten path location surrounded by untouched natural beauty.

Having survived two world wars, five centuries, countless hardships, and triumphs, St. John’s is a city of experience and wisdom. A rare, old city that’s had hundreds of years to figure out what really matters. What life is all about.