Canada's most walkable city 2010: St. John's

29 Apr 2010

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Much like Quebec City, this historic port is at the mercy of the elements. It's wet, cold and doesn't exactly overflow with parkland or pathways. But the charm of St. John's has been grandfathered in over the centuries.

"Winding staircases, historic streetscapes and brightly coloured buildings make downtown St. John's delightful as a pedestrian," says judge Amanda Mitchell. "That is, provided you have strong legs."

The city's dramatic rise out of the ocean by way of snaking stairways is daunting, but also serves up dramatic edge-of-the-world views of one of Canada's oldest settlements.

Despite the hills and weather, the hardy citizenry are some of the biggest walkers in the country, with very low vehicle ownership.

Neighbourhood Walks: George Street

At two blocks long, it's the shortest street in Canada, but it's also one of the most historic and, given the fact that more than 20 bars and pubs flank your every step, it's perhaps the most tempting. With a daily 6 p.m. street closure to cars, George Street is a tipsy trip back in time.