New kiosks deliver the details on Bonavista Peninsula trails

1 Oct 2014

Coastline in The Dungeon Provincial Park In Bonavista

If you’ve ever baulked at heading down a trail because you didn’t know how long it was or how hard it is, you’ll love the new coastal trail information system on the Bonavista Peninsula. At six trailheads new kiosks tells hikers and walkers what they need to know.

Each trail kiosk gives the name, the starting point and GPS co-ordinates, says how long it is, how hard it is, whether it’s a loop or a linear footpath, what there is to see along the way, and directions to the next trail kiosk. The trails with the new signage are: Gun Hill Trail, Trinity; Skerwink Trail; Trinity East; Murphy’s Cove – Lodge’s Pond Trail, Port Union; Klondyke Trail, Elliston; Cape Shore Trail, Bonavista; and Lighthouse Trail, King’s Cove.

Each kiosk also displays promotional information from businesses in that area, so if you’re looking for a place to stay or eat near Bonavista, for instance, the Cape Shore Trail kiosk has the details.

An information card has also been developed with a map of the area, a listing of trails with kiosks, and suggestions for visiting some of the other attractions and hidden gems on the peninsula.