The Charm of McCallum

6 Jan 2011

It was really just another business day – a Tuesday – and I had the usual workplan. Go to a location, shoot videos, take photos and return home. Okay, maybe not as usual as I am letting on. I was about to travel McCallum, a unique little isolated community on the south coast of Newfoundland that's only accessible by ferry. What makes this community so unique? Other than the ferry being your only means of getting to the town, travel within the community is essentially by foot on a series of boardwalks!

It was 11:30 a.m. when my friend and I caught the small passenger ferry from Hermitage bound for a place neither of us had ever been, but had always hoped to someday visit. After filling two seats with luggage and getting settled away in the lounge, the ferry began to move away from the dock. I was out on deck with my camera faster than you can say "Adventure Central Newfoundland"! After taking numerous pictures and videos of the passing scenery and the billowing waves crashing against the side of the vessel, I put away the camera, leaned against the side railings and peacefully watched the water for the rest of the trip. Every now and then, I could feel the spray from the ocean as the ferry thread through the Atlantic.

The ferry reached McCallum an hour and a half later. After docking, we were met at the ferry dock by a lovely lady, who showed us to the cottage where we would be spending the night. The first thing I noticed about the town while being led to our accommodations was just how many directions the boardwalk could take you, and I couldn't wait to explore every nook and cranny of this tiny town.

The following morning greeted us with a pleasant surprise. We awoke to the sound of birds chirping, and the warm light of the morning sun. Today was the day to find out first hand what makes McCallum such a unique destination.

We spent our time walking the boardwalk, camera and tripod in hand, stopping every few minutes to capture bits and pieces of McCallums striking scenery and beautiful calm water! It didn't take long to discover that the spectacular quiet surroundings are what keeps residents nestled in this remote little cove for generations.

Reluctantly, we boarded the ferry that afternoon for the return trip home. I stayed on deck as the ferry pulled away from the harbour and slowly cruised toward open water, watching as the little community grew smaller as each second passed. I then reflected on our time spent in one of Newfoundland's most traditional and authentic communities. It was then that I vowed to return again one day to enjoy McCallum's boundless beauty!