What to feed a hungry angler... Fish, perhaps?

15 Apr 2013

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By Sandra Phiney

Trevor Pilgrim of Mayflower Adventures in Roddickton, NL, believes in giving his guests a hearty breakfast before he takes them out salmon fishing. One of his favourite haunts is Beaver Brook and its world-famous limestone cave, known as the Underground Salmon Pool.

“Our guests love to fish near the cave, as the salmon hold up in the pool below the opening. But salmon are active early in the morning, so having a good breakfast means you won’t have to take time away to satisfy your hunger when it’s the most important time for action on the river.”

The most popular item on his menu at the lodge is the trout omelette, combined with special cheeses and a side of sautéed tomatoes.

Memorable lunch

Jim Burton, of Flowers River Lodge, roughly 267 kilometres (166 miles) northeast of Goose Bay, NL, says that although there are hearty meals at the lodge, the most memorable meal for most guests is a “fry-up” shore lunch. After taking a fly-out via Beaver float plane to an adjacent lake, where guests can fish for Arctic char for the day, Jim—or his uncle, Calvin Burton—fries the fish right on the beach.

“We always use my uncle Calvin’s recipe and the combination of fresh fish, homemade bread and tea is something guests are crazy about. You don’t have to serve five-star meals. Simple is best.”