Great Finds on the Avalon

10 Jan 2011

A Multi-Adventure Quest

Ocean Quest Adventure Resort offers a 7-night multi-adventure vacation package on Newfoundland and Labrador’s Avalon Peninsula. Included are: walking or hiking along coastal trail systems, sea kayaking on the northern and/or southern Avalon, tours of St. John’s and/or coastal communities, boat tours around the bays, and snorkelling with whales and marine life. All this includes boil-ups or lunches along the way. If you come in the spring, there’s the added bonus of seeing icebergs and possibly getting some bergy bits for your drinks.

Adventurers can end their days with a little pampering at Ocean Quest’s new Sea Spa in their 4-star lodge. And, if you’re looking to get more than your feet wet, there are a variety of other packages for certified scuba divers, including viewing Atlantic marine life, such as humpbacks and dolphins, and diving to ships sunk by U-boats during World War II.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Now here’s a tour that puts you in touch with the people and places you visit. CapeRace Cultural Adventures is a self-guided eco-cultural tour that features exclusive-use, serve-yourself accommodations at heritage houses in St. John’s, Heart’s Delight and Bonavista. The package features its own guide book filled with the inside scoop on where to discover the hidden gems in each place. There’s also information on the main scenic, wildlife and cultural attractions, but the focus is on getting to know each community in an up-close-and-personal way. Each house is a base from which to explore a suggested range of activities and experiences.