Stairway to heaven

10 Oct 2012

By Outpost Magazine

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After having a great lunch at By The Sea Resort & Café in King’s Point, we were ready for some afternoon action. We head down to the trailhead of the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail (right in the town of King’s Point, Nfld). At about 8 km in length, and with a 1,200-foot summit and 2,200 stairs in total (both up and down), the trail is physically challenging just enough, and rewards with breathtaking vistas.

After putting on my hiking boots and filling my water bottle we head out. The weather was great for a hike—the sun was shining, the air was fresh. We make our way through dense forest and bush along the clearly marked trail. After awhile the trail follows the river. The grade slowly increases and the really steep sections are made easier by a system of stairways. Of course, the steps on the stairways seem to exponentially multiply the closer we get to the base of the mountain—but that’s just my imagination and half the fun!

Along the way we stop to view a majestic waterfall that drops from about 600 feet up. Stunning. We continue up as the dense forest gives way to lichen-covered rocky outcrops and windswept low lying vegetation. By this point the sun is low on the horizon and we can see in every direction for miles—all of Green Bay, and the open waters right to the horizon. Mountains and forests, for miles and miles.

The view is incredible, totally worth the hike! We sit there quietly on the summit’s viewing platform with the Newfoundland and Labrador flag flapping vibrantly in the wind above us. Again, words escape me...but at the risk of sounding redundant, I just have to say it: this place really is beautiful!