Outpost Expedition!

10 Aug 2012

By Outpost Magazine
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Big mountains, fjords, polar bears and Outpost Magazine = Summer 2012 Adventure Overload in Torngat Mountains National Park.

Outpost Magazine, in partnership with TEVA, InReach, Adventure Canada, Parks Canada, Destination Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, and the Nunatsiavut Government will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, driving 1,800 km to Happy Valley Goose Bay and flying into the Torngat base camp.

Along the way to Happy Valley Goose Bay our Outpost team will explore some of the adventure hotspots of Newfoundland and Labrador. Sea kayaking, trekking, white water rafting, birding and more are all on the adventure agenda. You can join in the adventure too, by following our daily dispatches, photo /video uploads, facebooking and tweets as they make their way across the rock towards the Torngat.

The Torngat

Recently added to the Parks Canada line-up of unique, protected areas in Canada, the Torngat Mountains National Park blends deep cultural roots with nature’s untamed beauty and wildlife. The park itself is over 9,500 sq. km, and extends up the northern tip of Labrador. An ancestral home of the Inuit - orginating for the Inuktitut word Torgait meaning "Place of Spirits", the park, with its far-reaching mountains, fjords and almighty polar bears has much to offer the intrepid adventure traveller.

Outpost Magazine, through our OpXpeditions Division, will spend time camping at the new Saglek base camp (replete with polar guards!), before exploring the fjords by sea kayak, and embarking on a trek across the tundra along a little known native trading route.

Our team will be joined by Inuit Guide Andrew Andersen, and he will lend his expertise in surviving and thriving at this ultimate back-country environment. His insights and memories of this unique terrain will add to our team’s experience and appreciation for what the region has to offer.

Follow us as via Facebook and Twitter, and online at www.opxpeditions.com, for the latest in-from-the-field dispatches, videos and photos of the trip. And check out our Annual Travel Guide 2013 (op91) for our exclusive Torngat Mountains expedition feature!